Is It Possible To Live Without Friends?

Is it possible to live without friends? Does this have any consequences for our psychological health? Today, many people spend their days alone in secrets without contact, trust and friendship between loved ones. In this article, we analyze in more detail where this situation can lead.
Is it possible to live without friends?

Is it possible to live without friends? In the face of this question, more than one would most likely say, “Of course you can! I don’t have any friends either and I’m still alive. “It’s true that we don’t lose our ability to breathe because there are no social ties in our lives, and the absence of friends in life doesn’t stop our hearts and it doesn’t snatch us from the wind. The question , however, is, what is life like without friends? Do we experience well-being or do we suffer from the occasional sting of emptiness?

It is clear, of course, that no one dies because he has never had any friends. In many cases, however, this fact is seen as somewhat sad, disappointing, and discouraged. Suffice it to say that one of the reasons many people go into therapy is because of a feeling of loneliness; that these people are unable to build strong social ties and there is no one close to them to talk to, laugh with and share important moments in life with.

People are social beings and our brains need quality interaction with their peers to enjoy positive emotions, to feel accepted and to find a sense of security. As can be seen from the perspective of evolutionary psychology, building friendships is not necessary for survival, but it makes life better and through this we can achieve a sense of true happiness from time to time.

Humans are social beings and our brains need quality interaction with their peers to find a sense of security

Is it possible to live without friends?

It is often said that the quality of our social relationships is nourished by what we have lived in the family. However, this is not entirely true.

Some have a traumatic past behind them because of bad or even violent parents, and yet such a person has been able to build a true family friendship with bonds. Sometimes this happens the other way around: a tender family does not guarantee in all cases that we will be able to build strong friendships in adulthood.

On top of all this, on the other hand, no one can deny that good friends would not color life. Friends are random discoveries that – unlike family – are not given to us at birth. And almost without knowing how, they become our helpers, unexpected treasures that sometimes travel with us only certain paths in our lives and sometimes again stay by our side forever. There are friends who come and go; it is life. There are false friendships and kind of friendships that make us better people.

However, there are also those who do not have social skills

We can live without friends because we are an increasingly individualistic society

You can live without friends.  In fact, a study commissioned by Dr. Melika Demir and Ingrid Davidson at the University of Arizona has shown us something interesting that invites us to reflect. Namely, this study found that friendships do indeed act as variables when it comes to experiencing happiness; however, this is not the most important factor for people on average.

The most crucial thing is to satisfy basic needs and also a sense of competence. A sense of independence and covering the basics of life such as food, work, living, or even a partner is more desirable. In the same way, we can add another factor to this, which we call “liquid relationships”.

As philosopher and sociologist Zygmunt Bauman would say, society is becoming more and more individual. This makes the connections more fragile, unreliable, and even difficult to understand. Friends come and go, friendships rarely last and while this can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, there are those who get used to it.

I don’t need friends because I’m socially interacting with a lot of people

People need access to everyday social interaction – or at least the most fundamental of them. Chatting with a coworker, exchanging acquaintances with neighbors, or starting a conversation with any person we meet on a daily basis. These moments make us feel good, and sometimes even to the point that many people don’t have to go beyond this. In other words, they do not want or intend to strengthen these ties, which would then turn into real friendships over time.

Therefore, since this rather superficial type of interaction is enough for some of us, these people could safely say that we can really live without friends.

In an increasingly individual society, many ask whether it is possible to live without friends

Can living without friends have unintended consequences?

Now we know that it is really possible without friends. There are many people who have not formed such a bond for one reason or another, so they embrace it and go on with their lives this way. Well… does this fact then have psychological consequences for a person’s mental well-being? It is true that every person lives in their own world and will be the ones for whom a family or relationship is enough. Others may even feel able to realize themselves better in their own loneliness.

However, this is not normal. More importantly, we should take into account one thing: suicides are becoming more common in this individualistic society and in fragile human relationships. The fact that we don’t have friends doesn’t kill, but at the same time it’s true that it makes life harder.

People need quality friendships, people we can trust to create spaces where we can nurture ourselves emotionally. Friendship makes existence fuller, gives life more meaning, and provides us with the kind of support that positively affects mental health.

The absence of this dimension creates emptiness and wounds in human life, where dissatisfaction and loneliness navigate, and which grip painfully and distort our reality. We should not deprive ourselves of the happiness that comes with friendships — that is, look for people with whom we share passions, with whom we grow and laugh, and with whom we can share the joys and sorrows of life. The role of friends brings immeasurable benefits to life.

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