Jealousy Goes Hand In Hand With Criticism

Jealousy goes hand in hand with criticism

Jealousy is considered one of the seven deadly sins, and it tends to go hand in hand with destructive criticism of the object of envy. It is destructive both to the person who knows it and to the person to whom it is directed. This feeling is as common as it is harmful, and it is often disguised in superficial sentences.

Perceiving jealousy takes time and concentration, as it is not a feeling that is considered socially acceptable (except for “healthy envy,” which can be understood as synonymous with admiration). For this reason, it operates quietly, tends to grow over time, and can lead to others rejoicing in the misfortune of others.

Sometimes, however, it shows up and arrives full of resentment and condemnation, and the person who is envied does not always understand this. This is because when it is expressed, it is disguised as contempt and destructive criticism.

Jealousy comes from desire

Envy rises to the surface when you want something you don’t have and you’re annoyed by other people’s happiness. Unfortunately, it’s also a fairly common feeling that makes you a smaller person. Not only is it known to more distant people, but it can also be associated with the closest people.

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This unpleasant feeling occurs for two reasons related to people’s tendencies: wanting what we can’t get, and comparing ourselves to everyone around us. Thus, envy arises from desire and it drags the envious person to the floor, to the point where they feel no empathy.

In addition, the negative reactions that a jealous person feels often lead to him isolating himself and having difficulty interacting with other people. In short, she has difficulty putting herself in another person’s shoes, being happy for her, and cultivating healthy relationships with her.

Jealousy: one of the most horrible feelings

When envy raises its ugly head, it is accompanied by many confusing emotions: admiration, frustration, anger, suffering, etc. It is usually known towards family members, friends, co-workers, and other close people.

For these reasons, it can be said that envy is one of the most toxic emotions. You can envy someone’s prestige, money, health, success, profession, etc. This leads to immediate criticism in the form of relief.

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It is a repetitive criticism that does not seek to clarify anything, but rather to feed a person’s own complacency that often makes another person feel bad. Jealousy can come in the form of insults, insults, or lies so that the person in question does not have to accept reality or describe their feelings in words.

Look at yourself before you talk about someone else

The harmful criticism that comes from jealousy comes from apathy and dissatisfaction with one’s own life. Jealousy reflects desire, maladaptation, and self-rejection. It is a feeling that speaks of dissatisfaction but escapes its admission.

It is not a question of always adapting or not seeking personal improvement in one’s own life, but of using jealousy to channel it into motivation. Let other people’s success create a spark that awakens you and pushes you toward action.

Look at yourself before you talk about someone else in a jealous way, as it will help you identify what you need to change, what desires you have that you may not have achieved yet. From now on, it’s much easier to steer your actions toward achieving your goals and fighting for them with hope, not anger.

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