Just Seeing You Makes My Day Happy

Just seeing you makes my day happy

There are people who capture and enchant our souls. Their faces have a certain emotional magnetism, like the surface of a translucent lake that can reflect in the same way as the greatness of a good heart, as well as  empathy  registered in their eyes. They are people who make you think, ” Just seeing you makes my day happy.”

Just as psychiatric professor  Enrique Rojas says, personality is always visible on our faces because “the basic essence of man lives on his face.”  In addition, our brains are nourished by the foundations of social skills and emotions, and they sense and are influenced by these dull obvious or kind smiles that wrap us in their embrace and soothe us.

The purest, most sincere and meaningful communication does not take place through words but through gestures.  Every single facial movement emerges after brewing in the depths of our being. It reflects our emotional world and allows us to connect with the people around us, even though we are sometimes not even aware of it. We invite you to think deeper.

Dancing in the rain makes you happy

Gestures convey emotions

Similarly, once we are used to hearing that “the eyes are the mirror of the soul,  ” it is necessary to clarify some other perspectives that may not seem interesting but are useful. Paul Ekman, a pioneer in psychology in the study of the expression of emotions on the face, explains, together with his research,  that the  face can lie because real enthusiasm is expressed by gestures.

According to Ekman, people are able to express up to 18 different types of smiles.  The most authentic of these is called the “Duchenne Smile” (the muscles of the mouth contract, the pharynx rises, there is muscle contraction in the cheeks, and wrinkles form around the eyes).

Smiles  act as a “social lubricant”. However, not all smiles or faces seem as sincere, no matter how charming they are. You’ve certainly experienced this yourself once or twice.  There are small micro-gels that almost instinctively make us feel uncomfortable and unreliable.

As human individuals, we also have our own stored “experiences of gestures.”  The expressions of our parents, friends, or former partners are stored in our brains combined with an emotion-based component of pleasure or discomfort.

All of this almost instinctively defines the way some people and their faces evoke one feeling in us instead of another. Our faces are a whole book of complex gestures that others interpret based on their own experience.

Boy and coffee cups in the rain

What makes my heart happy: the secret of positive relationships

Your child’s  echoing, toothless smile will bring joy to your heart almost immediately. Your friends offer comfort, inclusion, and loyalty. Coincidentally, colliding with them will make your face radiate. There are certain faces we are familiar with that produce positive emotions because our bond with them needs to be enriched and positive.

Although faces are evolutionarily designed to convey positive emotions, in order to socialize and connect with our closest personal circle, only a few people can succeed in establishing a special connection with us.

Genuine pillars that build positive relationships

It is now worth paying attention to how ties are created in those relationships that are most relevant to us. Emotional openness is the first step in establishing and establishing the right kind of “connection” with the person we love. This dimension includes the ability to build unified trust, provide recognition, and the right kind of emotional expression to strengthen and build bonds.

Empathy is the skill of understanding and intimacy. It makes communication, comfort, and problem solving possible. It is a very essential dimension that is not conveyed only through words. The gaze we understand and sense is a great way to embrace another person to convey the message to him, “ I understand, I’m here with you.”

Affection based on mutual trust and respect is the best way to build positive relationships. They are the bonds where the need to control, steal space, or demand constant and obsessive attention does not exist.

A big-eyed girl

In summary, we can say that when  you love  or appreciate another person, you are always looking for his or her gaze. It’s a mirror where you can see yourself because you feel equally valued and loved, and this makes you happy.

Photos provided by  Claudia Tremblay and Pascal Campion

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