Learn About Your Past And Move Towards Your Future

Learn from your past and move towards your future

We all have a past  full of happy and good things, but also bad things and difficulties that affected us more than they should have been until our current situation… Experiences that sometimes come to life and are reborn…

How many ghosts of the past continue to torture you?  Is there something in your life or in you that prevents you from acting to your potential? You think these traumatic situations are already gone, but apparently you are reliving them in your present moment without  realizing it.

The fact that you don’t let go of the past is an action of something that prevents you from moving forward in life. It will block and hang you and in many cases paralyze you. Therefore, we need to learn to look at our past as an opportunity  to learn.

Your past is a valuable experience

Past and ballet girl

Sometimes we look at the past as something full of anger and one that we would like to change or something that we would be willing to give almost anything about reliving. Would you really change your past?

If you are thinking of changing your past, then you are not on the right track. We cannot go back in time.  Every single minute that takes us further away from a past that will never be reclaimed. Is it really necessary to become completely unrecognizable because of something we can in no way change?

Sometimes we pose low self-esteem  and we are so sad that we cannot change it on our own. But in any case, the first step is to accept the fact that things are as they are! There is no way to go back in time. Accept this! Changing the past is impossible.

Once you have accepted this, you will find yourself on the right path to see the past you left behind as a valuable experience. We need to learn to see the good in everything we have done, even though bad things have happened. What has experiencing them taught you?

Everything leaves its mark on us, just about everything. Every experience changes our lives and we should cherish it as something that makes us progress,  grow and heal as human beings.

Are you going to keep mourning and chewing all the negative things that have happened to you? Not at all. Take a closer look. How much have you learned? Thanks to your past, you are what you are today. Use your experience to be better today and tomorrow. Enjoy them because with them and with the help you learn. Grab your own past, embrace it, and learn from negative experiences that have left a mark on your life.

Your future is a blank page! 

The girl is playing on a paper ship

Once you’ve accepted that you can’t continue thinking about the past that’s already gone for the simple reason that you can’t change it, it’s time to think about your future. Your future is like blank paper you don’t know what’s going to happen, but it’s pretty certain that what you’re doing today will leave its mark on it.

Just as your past has left its mark on your present, it leaves its mark on your future here and now. Seize the opportunity to learn from your past, be a better person now, and steer your future in a new direction.

Don’t allow yourself to continue to carry with you frustrations and other things that you should have left in the past. You don’t deserve that! Think about this: who are you going to be? What are you going to do? In deciding on what kind of future you want to be, you have in your hands ,  tahdotpa whether any kind.

Do you want to continue to carry heavy burdens or live your life lightly and freely? Your future is yours and no one else’s. So start today by walking the path that will lead you to the future you so long for. It is very important that you visualize exactly what it is, despite the fact that difficulties and negative things may happen. This is so that you can go further more confidently without deviating from your chosen path.

Do you already know what you want your future to be like? Visualize it and be free from anything that might stop you from achieving everything you want or want to become. Remember that  every single moment you spend in the past is a time you lose  when you could be doing the best of your present or future.

A woman's past

Learn from your past, everything bad is always followed by something good!  Quite true… Even that evil has taught you things, you just have to think about it a little bit and look at it from the perspective of acceptance, adaptation, and learning.

Photos provided by Maggie Taylor, Christian Schloe

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