Lentsikat – A Great Movie About Survival

Lentsikat - a great movie about survival

Dusty’s story in Pixar’s film Lentsikat is a clear example of an animated film that is good for passing on certain values ​​to young children. But adults also have a lot to learn, especially when the film’s message is about survival and resilience.

In Lentsikat, we see scene by scene how an agricultural plane turns into a real racing plane. It’s a survival story that highlights Dusty’s ability to face the biggest hurdles of her life. He had expectations in his life that were very different from what he had always dreamed of.

Dusty was born in a field where he was shown only one fate – to be an agricultural plane. However, he allowed himself to dream of some completely different future – to become a race plane.  To achieve this, he needs the support of his friends – the Puksu fuel truck and the Tytti mechanic.

Both help Dusty achieve his goals throughout the film and do it in different ways. Puksu fully believes in his friend and ends up as his coach, while Tytti is more skeptical about Dusty’s dreams. However, this lack of faith is not an obstacle to him not helping Dusty in every way possible.

During this process, many messages and drawn conclusions emerge that we can apply to our own lives to achieve our goals. So we can act like Dusty and give ourselves a chance no matter how strong the wind might be when we start.

Movie Lenses

Lentsikat teaches us excuses

Inventing excuses doesn’t bring us closer to our goals and Dusty shows it to us very clearly on the big screen. He survives the World Cup qualifier round and as a miracle trade (even to his surprise for himself) he survives the qualifiers. Now he has no excuses, his dream can come true.

For that, however, he needs a little more help from Kippar, the legendary racing plane. The skipper isn’t very happy about the idea of ​​coaching Dusty at first, but eventually decides to do it and coaching becomes a big adventure for both of them. After hard work, Dusty is ready to fly alone and he continues to fight to keep the dream alive. He has to face the disbelief of some of his opponents during the race, and he also has to make new friends.

But Dusty doesn’t forget the humble beginning for a moment. Flying low for the fear of a high place, he proves his own worth and integrity step by step. He even helps those who don’t believe in him and deserves respect in the process.

Lentils is a lesson in survival

There will always be problems in everything we do, and overcoming them often gives meaning to the challenge. Once we have overcome the problem, we have the motivation to keep moving forward. The hero of Lentsikat has to face his own obstacles in pursuit of his dreams. He has a serious accident in the film that threatens to exclude him from the race, jeopardizing his dreams.

Fortunately , there are other characters in the film that won’t let him surrender. Undoubtedly, the most moving moment in the film is when his friends and competitors decide to help him by showing admiration and respect for this humble plane that dares to defy its limits. A new Dusty is emerging and a small farm plane is turning into something he has always dreamed of and what he has always wanted to be deep down inside – a racing plane. This is an awesome message about survival!

Let go and change

Dusty’s change is not immediate. His transformation from a larva to a butterfly is not a miracle, but the result of hard work, patience, and faith. It also has a lot to do with his character. He’s a fighter who makes enough sense to identify that he needs help. On this path, he learns to slowly leave behind the greatest burden of the past – his spray tank.

An accident that jeopardizes his dreams also makes him react. The blow he experiences actually gives him the power to change. Thanks to the accident, our hero manages to get closer to his goal. Thanks also go to the absolute support of her friends who are able to see Dusty’s true self.

Dusty competes

The movie Lentsikat is worth watching, and at the same time it’s fun and exciting. It also has its own message: we must aim high. With his accomplishments, Dusty inspires all those who see his story going a little deeper than they can see, both for others and for themselves.

Don’t forget that you are the only one who has the right to decide who you really want to be.

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