Life Is Too Short For The Wrong Job

Life is too short for the wrong job

Life is too short for you to be in the wrong job, to invest all your time and energy in something that leads to unhappiness, anxiety, and frustration instead of producing well-being and identity reinforcement.

We all know how complicated it is to find the “ideal job” today, the job we identify with and study for. In fact, in most cases today, we are just happy to have a job, whatever it is, because social and economic trends have changed so much and the demands of work do not correspond at all to how much work is available.

Even if you earn a living, working the wrong job can lead to apathy and feelings of hopelessness.

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Living with the wrong job

Many of us may work in the wrong jobs or in the wrong field one after another until we finally find a job we identify with that makes us happy. When we dedicate an entire working day to a task or activity that makes us feel frustrated instead of being able to grow, the situation is more complicated.

Nevertheless, according to a study by the University of Rhode Island in the United States, you can feel satisfied at work even if it is not the job you were studying for. Job satisfaction is based on performance and quality of life.

On the other hand, many of us have certainly experienced at some point that working in the wrong job for long periods of time can lead to many complex situations.

Penalties for being in the wrong job

  • Feeling you are not doing your part anywhere; not in your own work, in society in general, or in your own life.
  • Frustration, stress, poor quality of life that affects your personal relationships.
  • The feeling of being stuck, as if you weren’t able to move in any direction.
  • Lack of recognition from your employer and lack of organizational support in the work you do.
  • Decreased self-esteem when you see minor or negative results despite a large investment. This is happening on both a financial and personal level.
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Combining capacity and vocation to find the ideal job

We know that finding the ideal job is not easy, or even one that makes us feel satisfied with ourselves and our contribution to society. Somehow, we all need to adapt to a changing environment, or at least provide something innovative for which there is a demand in our environment.

It’s not easy and that’s why we should consider some of the interesting points raised by educator and professor Sir Ken Robinson in his interesting book called  The Element.

The Element is the point where the things we are good at and the things we like to do come together. This is the most suitable environment for finding a job where we can feel satisfied.

If you don’t learn to make mistakes, you will never think of anything unique.

There are at least one positive side to working in the wrong job time and time again: you will find out where your limits are, what you are willing to accept and what you are not ready to accept.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we should accept both our mistakes and our limitations. They are an invitation to change, something we can use to our advantage as realistically and creatively as possible.

Creativity is applied intelligence

Creativity in the workplace means offering a product that is different and more valuable than those that already exist. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that in order to be creative, one must be active, receptive to one’s environment, and pensive; you need to be connected to yourself and everything around you.

Your life is not determined by what happens to you, but by how you react to it

When some people get fired, they get stuck, not knowing how to react or which direction to go. However, the direction of your life is determined by how you react in a situation like this.

You can be lucky at any time, for sure, but you should also take advantage of those lucky moments, as well as adversity. Instead of staying put, you should stimulate your intuition, create opportunities, reshape your ideas, perspectives, and even your values.

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