Limerance: Madly In Love

Limerance: madly in love

In writing his book Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love  Psychology Doctor Dorothy Tennov found the perfect term to define the space, which takes place enthusiastically: limerenssi (English limerence ). Limerance is a state of madness that confuses and moves us, that prevents us from thinking about anything other than the person we are in love with. The well-known saying “madly in love” fits perfectly into this psychological process.

Is it a limerance or an obsession?

Limerance is formed only in situations where we experience a phase of physical and mental turmoil in the object of our love. In a way, the symptoms of this feeling are no different from the symptoms of falling in love: excessive sweating, palpitations, confusion, a feeling of lightness, and the rumbling of hormones play a key role in romantic love. Sometimes, however, this completely natural phase turns into a limerance, a psychological term.

heart and butterfly

As the person in a relationship begins to go crazy about love, the obsession begins to take its place in the brain. The condition comes from a personal problem and, although its consequences are often not fatal, it has nevertheless served as a silent cause for many known deaths in the literature.

Limerance caused the death of Romeo and Juliet, or more precisely, it evolved from the impossibility of staying together due to conflicts coming from outside. Our history is full of numerous romantically and heavily painted love stories that often completely transcend the boundaries of fiction.

Who wouldn’t want to go crazy about love?

There is a contradiction in Limerance: there is not a single person who would not want to be madly in love. A contradiction arises when our minds argue between old, familiar and familiar patterns of love and something new and exotic.

 “I lose myself in your arms, sweet nonsense, you, my strongest drug”

We almost all know what it feels like to love so that love becomes “crazy”. But while denying one’s feelings is never good, emotions taken to extremes also have consequences. The consequences are visible on both the physical and mental levels.

shackles of love

Limerance becomes a disease when the adhesion is not reciprocal. The passion between two people is natural, but only when the other suffers from it does it bring with it innumerable consequences and inability to perform in our daily performances.

Crazy love can, in addition to suffering, lead to deep depression and even suicide. But who would not have been taught to love in moderation during this short life of ours?

No one is born to know and only years show what love means to each. Love is not a static term, but rather a variable one, it has a different meaning for each person. Knowing yourself will also help you define your love; how do you want to love how do you want to feel how do you want to exist?

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