Love Yourself To Be Happy

Love yourself to be happy

It is almost always the same story. We forget our own desires as we are constantly more concerned about what others want, what our responsibilities are, and what we are committed to. And what is the result of all this? Frustration. We survive more than we live. We have neglected love for ourselves. As a result, we lose our dreams and become detached from ourselves. We close access to our inner world by using phrases like “I have to” and “I should”.

The longer you neglect yourself, the more likely you will wake up to the day when you realize that your life is far from what you wanted it to be. It takes you to a place where you feel like a guest in your own life.

The trap of comfort

Many of us are a great example of that awesome personal deficit, selflessness that has infiltrated most of our society. Progressive change that actually harms us more than benefits us. But most of the time, we have to pretend in front of others and ourselves that it doesn’t bother us.

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Childhood creativity and passion are gone. It turns off the light that has made us radiate so far. When you look around, you will notice numerous people who dedicate their lives to work they don’t love or enjoy doing. They trust their relationships and throw away their dreams because they seem too laborious to achieve.

Dreams disappear as we adapt to the crowd and our growth ceases. The comfort zone is too pleasant to withstand fears, frustration, or uncertainty. We choose Plan B: a simple life that shuts you down and makes you lose your current course. Loving yourself is completely forgotten.

We think it is better to take care of external things than to listen to our inner world and its needs. This makes us dependent on the approval of others.

You are not selfish, you just take care of yourself

From time to time it is helpful to perform a mental examination. We should ask ourselves what our lives really feel like with all its careers and relationships. This gives us clues to the true edge of our well-being.

If the result is feelings of disappointment and confusion, it is very likely that we have lived our lives only as its secondary actors or bystanders. We need to give ourselves more time. Still, we have to ask ourselves: am I selfish?

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Are we selfish as we go out and look for what we need, something that is good for us? Let me tell you. No, it’s not selfish. You are simply trying to take care of yourself. The only love that will surely last forever is love for yourself. If you are not worried about maintaining it, then who would it be? It is not good to settle for less.

None of us is selfish in saying “no” or “now is enough”. It’s also not selfish to give yourself minutes when you don’t have to be 100% available to the outside world. It’s not a big deal if you stop being that person who is always available to everyone. Better late than never.

Invest in yourself, don’t forget yourself!

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