Love Yourself To Love Others

Love yourself to love others

Jealousy, fear, accusations, anger… how far can the situation continue before love is contaminated? We have certain expectations for love and hope to find someone who meets all our needs. In reality, such a longing for love that would somehow save us will mislead us completely.

And so come the shadows, its seven plagues, a thousand evils. Grief, fatigue, and disappointment. Overwhelming inconsolability and loneliness that prevents us from moving forward and makes us lose ourselves.

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We are not prisoners; we capture ourselves

The sad truth is that we ourselves are shaping our own emotional soil as a breeding ground for unhealthy love. For love that only destroys us. We leave the weeds unrooted and it has consequences.

We will never get rid of sorrows and sorrows unless we change our own behavior. Don’t close your eyes; when something is going towards the forest, you sense it. It feels up to your spine.

Freedom is not a lack of love, and addiction is not love

We all have our own views and perceptions of human relationships. Just because you want to be a free soul doesn’t mean you want to give up love. In the same way, there are relationships that are toxic and hurtful in every way, no matter how much we love the other party.

Many stories tell of the loss of love as a result of pride, carelessness, or neglect. This time, however, we are talking about the relationships that have been poisoned by the black widow of love: emotional submission.

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When love turns into a situation where you feel unable to live with one but also without the other, it is time to reject or re-evaluate the relationship. In other words, in every single relationship one must put one’s own emotional health above everything else.

You may think you need another person or have a significant part of your life. However, there come times in life when it is time to remove the bond from our eyes and realize that another person has somehow become a mental distraction.

We cannot love ourselves until we stop needing other people.   The need to love and understand ourselves emerges in the deepest moments of disappointment, for only then can we see our own shortcomings and faults.

People think that the most painful experience in the world is the loss of someone you love. The truth, however, is that it is much worse if you lose yourself and forget who you are when you love someone else too.

When we are able to hold on to our pride and love ourselves, sparks fly. Love for oneself is born in the mind, not in the heart.

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We feel sadness and a sense of emptiness as we let go of things that are harmful to us because we miss what could have been ours — but never was. What we would have liked, but never got.

If you welcome that grief without fear, it will ultimately lead to freedom and independence. To life without jealousy, bitterness and accusations.

So if you find yourself sailing on a shaky ferry in the middle of a sea of ​​polluted love, the best option is to try to find something inside you that will help you stay afloat. After all, to live, we need ourselves more than anyone else.

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