Marijuana Myths, Truths And Half-truths

Myths, truths and half-truths about marijuana

The first misconception about marijuana is that it is spoken of in the singular rather than the plural. There are millions of variations on it.

Not all of them have the same quality. In fact, the effects it causes are very different depending on the variety from which it comes.

Another very common mistake is to try to generalize the effects it has on human behavior. Just as a burger can be completely harmless to one person, it can lead to another’s crisis or even death. The same goes for marijuana.

It is true that marijuana use has increased and may increase even more  as this psychoactive substance was legalized in many states and countries.

And it’s about more than just choosing between “good” and “evil”. Instead, it all depends on the circumstances, the motivation, and the environment around its use.

Marijuana varieties and their effects

There are many types of marijuana seeds. However, there are three main groups. These are cannabis sativa, cannabis sativa forma indica and cannabis ruderalis. 

The first grows in America, Asia and Africa. In general, it has stimulating effects that lead to a more positive mood and increased appetite.

marijuana as a plant

Again, cannabis indica, grows in India and Pakistan. It has a relaxing effect and is also used to reduce physical pain, especially in the muscles and bones.

Finally, cannabis ruderalis, native to Siberia and Eastern Europe. It also has a calming effect.

Of these three main species, other variations have been created called “hybrids”. There are millions of them.

The effects of all of these depend on the combination. They range from virtually toxic to sophisticated drug use.

Some truths about marijuana

Marijuana has gained too bad a reputation in some areas and too much publicity in others. It is said, for example, that it is harmless, which is incorrect information. 

Physically, smoking marijuana can have a similar effect on the lungs as tobacco. In both cases, a combustion reaction occurs and the tar particles reach the respiratory system. This can cause cancer and other diseases.

In addition, excessive and prolonged use can damage nerve cells. This affects memory and concentration.

In fact, although many claim the opposite, marijuana impairs memory and attention. Therefore, risky activities should not be carried out under its influence.

marijuana as a plant and pills

Almost all varieties of marijuana are very effective for pain. Because it has a calming effect, it is convenient for muscle or nerve pain.

At the same time, it is also good for people in chemotherapy. It reduces the nausea and discomfort caused by this procedure.

Marijuana is also a relaxant. This is undoubtedly the main reason why millions of people around the world use it, even though it is still illegal in many countries. This plant has antidepressant-like effects.

Some myths about marijuana

It is said that marijuana is addictive, but that is not the case. Or at least not from a physical point of view.

However, people who are prone to addictions may develop a strong addiction. When genetic factors that cause chemical dependence become involved, marijuana almost always becomes a gateway between all of these drugs.

The positive entertainment use of marijuana is individual. When used in moderation, it helps to relax and stabilize the state of being.

On the other hand, if its use is compelling, it will sooner or later cause problems.

wrapping the sea urchin

Sometimes people give marijuana abilities that it doesn’t have. For example, people say it increases creativity. However, that is not the case. 

It increases visual and auditory perception, but because it impairs concentration at the same time, it does not create the conditions for better creativity. In fact, it slows down these conditions.

Like other plants like them, marijuana can contribute to human health and happiness. Its illegal position in many areas is perhaps its greatest danger, as it leads to its non-existent quality control.

Thus, its foreign forms are unfortunately widespread. When poorly prepared or used, it can become a powerful poison.

In contrast, if people grow, sell, and use it responsibly, it can become a valuable aid to the physical and mental health of some people with certain conditions.

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