May All Good Find You And Stay With You

May all good find you and may it remain with you

May all good things follow you, may it find you, embrace you, and may it stay with you. And let everything else pass you by. Let challenging things happen in your life, even just to teach you a lesson.

Let the ownership of each lesson and the opportunity to shape every stone in your path become available to you. Let me take moments to put a dot on every i. May there be stumbles and falls for you. Let’s remember the word throws with each new beginning and when the bad times come. May you have the opportunity to grow and live.

May all good and evil come to your consciousness. May you have the opportunity to learn through experience that everything good in life is messed up. That it is better to live with excitement, looking towards the horizon. The best way to stay safe is to fear mediocrity.

Let everything flow evenly, even when time threatens you. May you always have the opportunity to return to the starting box and start over. May your accomplishments be celebrated and the significance of your failure re-examined.

The butterfly lands on a finger

Remember that shadows and demons can also be embraced. That sadness is also a good thing because it helps you express and appreciate the things you want.

Don’t let anyone punish you for your sensitivity, and remember that crying is not synonymous with weakness. Sensitive communication requires straightforwardness. Denying your feelings instead of expressing them is a mistake you have to pay a high price for. Knowing this, you should recognize sensitivity as a gift, because living from your heart makes you special and authentic.

Reject the absolute and avoid using words as always, never, all and nothing when you make categorical statements. Try to understand that life is a rainbow and seeing things in black and white is not good for anyone.

Don’t forget that love doesn’t cry, and if you have to cry, it’s not love. Keep in mind that relationships that abuse power are the modern norm, and that you should examine what your relationships give you.

Sewing machine

Know that who is involved in your life should matter, and that in reality no one is completely short of time. Remember that, and don’t forget that unless you notice interest, you are free to distance yourself from them. Don’t feel guilty about it.

Don’t forget that perseverance, self-control, and self-confidence are the three most important psychological abilities you can develop. Don’t give up, give yourself space, and say no when you need to.

Don’t forget that time is both eternal and vanishing. There are no magical solutions or idiot-proof recipes for healing the sorrows of the soul. For in the end, it’s about asking for life with tequila and salt when it wants to force you to give you lemons.

Don’t be afraid if you want to be alone. Don’t feel guilty if you’re not in the mood for conversation or don’t want to socialize. Accept that we all deserve some of our souls for ourselves and that is not a bad thing, it is actually extremely necessary and encouraging. And understand and respect when other people do this.

Flowers on a woman's breasts

Support yourself against the shoulders of your loved ones so that when they hug you, they will destroy your fears. Keep in mind that some places are not on any map. They are in our homes, in the arms of those we love and who love us. The same people who help us write numbers in our diaries.

Don’t be sad when you remember the people who decided to leave. Remembering them is a sign that you have a memory and a life. Appreciate your memories, qualities and health. Think about it, in just a few years these things are really important.

Don’t trust anyone who takes you away from yourself, takes away your wanted, your ambition. Weave the clock into the rhythm of your life, and don’t get out of your sight that life is passing by and that it’s more important to live than to make other plans.

But, above all else, love with all your might. Don’t leave it halfway, don’t settle for being good at it. Love others, love life, and love yourself. And don’t waste yourself on insignificant things. Give shape and meaning to your life. Remember that every minute matters, everything counts, and that you are able to fly much higher than you do now.


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