Maybe You’re In Your Comfort Zone

Maybe you are in your comfort zone

We all want to feel safe and calm in the whirlpool of our own lives. We want permanence and the feeling that everything is under our control.

But sometimes we value this feeling far too much for fear of change, and in doing so we lose many valuable opportunities, life lessons, and experiences. In these cases, we may find that we are spending too much of our time being in our comfort zone. We are left with not only experiences that could certainly help us feel happier if we just dared to take and experience them. Why? Because  every time we overcome new challenges, no matter how small, our self-esteem rises; we learn, we grow and we mature as humans .

Here’s something like being on the edge of a pool watching how everyone else is having a lot of fun, but we don’t dare jump in for fun because the water is too cold… Until maybe someone pushes us and we say while in the water, “Oh, this is all awesome why I didn’t jump before! ” Well, this is leaving your comfort zone.

Hammock and comfort zone

How do you know if you are in your comfort zone?

You are afraid to take on new challenges

If you have no desire to bungee jump, then why are you doing it at all? But if you want to do it hotly, then why not? Here’s the difference between whether you’re in your comfort zone or not.

When we want to do something but don’t do it because we are afraid, or when we deny ourselves something we would like for the good that we can continue to be entangled in a sense of security right where we are, we actually find ourselves in our comfort zone.

You want to move on in some area, but you always stop yourself

You’d like to go on a trip alone and dream about it all the time, or you’d like to try your luck by talking to the person you’re so helplessly in love with, but the fear and security that is already in your life will make you paralyze completely . Then you will no doubt be in your comfort zone.

Your body provides you with physical evidence

When you try to do something new that you like and that attracts you, your hands start sweating, you feel butterflies flying in your stomach, you feel a certain kind of nausea…

Our bodies also warn us of these changes; it is sometimes so selfish that it works together to paralyze us. While you can always change your perspective – listen to your body’s signals, but don’t assume your body knows absolutely everything.

You don’t feel good in your own skins

When we do not dare boldly into the whirlpools of life, it is followed by unpleasant feelings towards ourselves; you will then feel guilty for not being able to meet the challenge given to you.

Guilt is associated with staring at the past and sometimes portraying the role of the victim. It can also be a sign that you are stuck in your own comfort zone.

How to get out of your comfort zone?

1. Take on new challenges

No matter how small they are, offer yourself small challenges.

Do you want to travel but are scared because you have a small illness, some difficulty or you have never been on a plane? So make a small trip, next a little longer, then a little longer and bigger… You will notice how you will overcome that obstacle little by little.

2. Take risks without fear

We all need to take certain precautions in advance, this is clear, but it is equally true that life is made to live and not just to think and reflect.

So take the risk that the person you like immensely will possibly say “no” to you. Try the new job you were offered at your workplace, even if you feel like you can’t fill it, even if they might fire you…

Later, when all that is already over, even if you feel like you have failed because of all those times when you were told “no,” then think very well that it is not really the case: they were not failures , they were moments of victory.

You have become stronger; now you are better able to face new challenges. Now you can face the fight because you understand that it is a part of life. Understanding how to welcome combat is one of the biggest challenges you can triumphantly turn into a strength in your life.

Road sign to the comfort zone

3. Familiarize yourself with emotional intelligence by reading

We are each often tied to our old and unnecessary thoughts. Reading opens up new Skylines to paint and one particularly useful topic is emotional intelligence.

You begin to notice many things in a very different light. Maybe you stop giving just as much importance to things that don’t really matter at all, or maybe you feel happier in the future, etc.

4. Learn from people who are emotionally intelligent

There are a lot of people who have a strong emotional intelligence by nature. Simply by spending time with them, you end up repeating, “I feel like new.” Don’t lose touch with them and soak up their experiences.

5. And above all, do not allow the coward… Step by step

Proceed in your own peace and in your own time.  Do not rush; we each have our own rhythm of life. The important thing is to move in the direction of the things you want and hope for.

And remember that while perseverance can provide you with peace, at least momentarily, there will still be a time when it will limit you and prevent you from progressing. Take risks and throw yourself wholeheartedly into everything you do so you can achieve your own goals. Leave the comfort zone behind!

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