Misunderstandings Can Create A Gap Between Lovers

Misunderstandings can create a gap between lovers

The world is full of people waiting for the return of someone they have let go of; and people who did not dare to come back even though they wanted to. For many times we allow negative things such as untrue beliefs, misunderstandings, and anger to weigh more heavily than genuine feelings.

As people tend to say, life is a long journey. During that time, we learn to take advantage of the good and leave the bad behind. Often, however, we tend to do this only in the final stages. As a result, we may lose many valuable things along the way.

Making the mistake of focusing only on the negative creates a great wall. And this may alienate people who really value each other.

Therefore, because our different ways of communicating, our intentions, and the realities of other people are complex, it is good for us to follow our minds. In this way, we can minimize the possibility of distancing ourselves from the people we love.

Rubik's cubes

It all depends on how we treat flowers and weeds

We can understand and think our minds as a radio that is always on and tuned to a particular channel. Sometimes radio can tell us great things. Sometimes, though, it tells us things that hurt us.

While we can’t change channels, we have the power to stop paying attention to every little thing it tells us. With that attitude, we can stop taking everything that radio (i.e. our mind) tells us so seriously. And we can stop stopping our lives every time the radio (i.e. our mind) tells us something we don’t like.

To go even further and explain this better, Imagine that you are a gardener and the plants in the garden are the things you want in your life. What would these plants be? What do any of them look like?

As gardeners, each of us is responsible for caring for plants, sowing new seeds, caring for them, and watering them. So how well do you take care of your garden? What do you need to do? What does it mean to take care of each plant?

Despite this, plants do not always grow as we would like. Flowers may appear where we didn’t want them, and they may grow slower than we planned. They may sniff, despite all the care and effort. The most important thing is how you dedicate yourself to them. For if you don’t, what’s stopping you? What stands before you, preventing you from doing your daily duties with them?

rose drops on petals

Sometimes in the gardens, even unpleasant weeds make their way out. And we desperately try to tear them up from their roots. To understand what the consequences of this may be, think of a gardener who tears weeds as soon as they see them. But weeds grow again, over and over again. The gardener will uproot them again. But despite all his attempts, they always come back.

We could say that a gardener wastes his time doing something he doesn’t like, while ignoring the relevant plants for himself, abandoned. He has to ask himself if he is willing to take care of those who really matter, despite the fact that there may be something in his garden that he doesn’t like.

With this in mind, we should think more about the plants that really matter, the ones we have ignored because of weeds. Weeds that are annoying but for which we have spent too much time.

This reasoning can be used in every aspect of life to curb our tendency to focus on things we don’t like. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main reasons for the misunderstandings. And these keep us away from the people we love in the most sincere and authentic way of all.

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