Motherhood: The Earthquake Of The Soul

Motherhood: the earthquake of the soul

We know a lot today about what it’s like to be a mother. But few take a truly realistic approach to the crisis that motherhood is for many women. Laura Gutman addresses this topic in her book  Maternity, coming face to face with our own shadow.  This Psychotherapist explains how  women face their “shadows” when they become mothers. 

What do we call shadows?

Carl Jung broke up the term “shadow” into different parts. This concept involves more than Freud’s term “unconscious,” which refers to  unknown parts of our psyche and spiritual world.

The whole universe is made of opposites: day and night, masculine and feminine, positive and negative, light and shadow. Our spiritual world, too, is made up of its light and dark sides. We don’t see what’s in the dark, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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Our “shadows” begin to develop in childhood. When we are small, we begin to build our personality and ego. Sometimes we experience painful feelings and events that we are unable to digest, and instead choose to forget them. We “turn our backs” so we can continue our lives on the path. These unexplained and sometimes unconscious areas are our “shadows.”

What happens to a woman when motherhood begins?

Regardless of our age, the child we once had was still living within us. Sometimes our inner child helps us enjoy our stay so we can have fun. Sometimes, on the other hand  ,  it connects us to the most vulnerable part of ourselves, our  earliest fears, our memories, and perhaps the things we lack.

Motherhood shakes us and reveals all our emotional shortcomings and wounds. Motherhood reminds us of all the experiences and memories we have of our father and mother, of those people who raised and nurtured us mentally. Motherhood brings to mind the most emotional memories of our childhood. These memories, perhaps even painful memories, have been buried in the dark… until now.

When you are pregnant, childhood memories come to life. Old conflicts go back,  wounds reopen. And this whole emotional outburst comes with other psychological and pregnancy-induced hormonal changes.

It is common for women to feel confused and sad, and that is why they go to the doctor.  Often, a doctor will diagnose a patient with  “depression”  or  “postpartum depression,” which may not be the correct diagnosis.

Often, a woman is automatically prescribed medications that block thoughts and feelings. We need to remember that  medicine can provide momentary relief, but if a patient does not receive psychological treatment, the problems will only be buried but will not be corrected.

How to find the way to repentance?

The truth is that  many things hidden in a woman’s psyche become activated and revealed during motherhood. This is often a time of revelation and crisis… It is a process where therapy and other support can really help.

Making the unconscious conscious makes us grow and mature. Making pain conscious and bringing it to light is the way we heal it. In this way, it cannot turn against us when we are weak.


Our love for ourselves is also essential to healing those psychic wounds that have been dark, open, and painful since childhood. We are now talking about finding and healing our inner child.

In this way, we correct harmful behaviors by transforming ourselves whole again. Healing is possible. A healthier, more balanced and happier life and motherhood is possible to achieve.

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