Movement Generates More Movement

Movement generates more movement

There are many reasons why we remain static and unfortunately there are many conditions in life that require us to stay still, stationary and stable.

These are the moments when your whole life seems to stop, or the moments when our hopes and dreams seem distant and impossible. 

We all fight for something or someone (or do both at the same time), but how do we recognize the moment we have arrived at the place we have longed for?

There are a few signs you should keep your eyes open for.  Happiness is a short-lived and quick feeling that dilutes as soon as you let your thoughts take over. The brain begins to think, feel, and wonder. “What if…” Soon the moment is over. Often the best moments and feelings of happiness are accompanied by a touch of sadness, and this makes the feeling stronger and more intense.

The road to change

Every step is important

Every decision leads to giving up something and maybe we look back and wonder what we could have become if we hadn’t abandoned one path instead of another.

But what about the path we took off? Maybe the pain and hardship that fit along it wasn’t entirely pointless, but helped us step on a better, more right path, the path we’re on today?

People are used to pursuing certain goals, and when we finally achieve some satisfactory goal, we feel happy and fulfilled.

Soon, the suspicion and sabotage caused by the mind enters the picture, and you begin to question  whether the achievement was important anyway or another attempt that went wrong.

Can we ever be happy with ourselves and our performance?

Business is important. Development and change that leads to positive things. Excessive movement toward abstract goals can become obsessive and damage our self-confidence. In addition, it can negatively affect our views of the world and our relationships.

Every small step we take is important. There are many reasons to think that we do not know where we are going, that we are unable to influence the forces in our lives, and that every little act can lead us farther or closer to happiness. We leave behind small signs of what we have achieved and what we have lost. Sometimes this all feels completely pointless and irrelevant.

Believe it or not, every step you take has determined what kind of person you are and where you end up. Every step has been important, even if they don’t all seem that way.

On the road to change

We use phrases like “life brings many twists and turns,” even though we’re really behind the wheel itself, hands firmly on the wheel. It is impossible to change the world by lying on the couch, but it is also impossible to achieve our destiny by demanding too much of ourselves. The secret lies in finding the golden mean. Everything in moderation, both rest and activity.

Let’s think for a moment about all the things you once imagined were unattainable. Maybe you imagined you would never be able to do some things or be brave enough to chase your dreams. How did you end up with these goals? How did you get what you wanted? Sure, you had a passion and a desire for these things, but at the same time, maybe you achieved what you wanted almost unnoticed. These achievements should not be underestimated or underestimated, they are important.

Movement is a step towards potential

There are many things we would like to do and to whom we would like to devote more time, but which end up not being done and in the background because of fear. We imagine all the terrible things that can follow if we try and fail. At stake can be an entire career, social relationships, finances, and a relationship. These thoughts are fueled by uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Don’t let it control you.

The same fear can manifest in both small and large changes. For small changes, it’s important to ignore warning sounds, and simply take action. For major changes, you should keep your feet on the ground, think and consider properly before embarking on new challenges. It is important to understand the responsibility you are taking on so that you can prepare for unexpected consequences and things.

You can have a thousand and one excuses for not daring to change or change things, and your own fears can choke your throat. Dare still and show yourself that you can do anything. The most important things in life may be frightening, but they are often revealed to be the most instructive and important experiences.

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