My Conscience Is More Valuable Than Any Of My Opinions

My conscience is more valuable than any of my opinions

Maybe thanks to years of experience, maybe our maturation, we will wake up our conscience out loud sooner or later. In that case, we raise our voices against the noise and make our position clear. There is nothing more comforting than falling asleep with a light, calm heart in the evenings – whatever the world thinks.

Antonio Damasio  is known as a neuroscience expert in emotions. He defines the harmony of conscience into three parts; autobiographical, social, and emotional and spiritual self. By being fully aware of this unique structure, we are able to handle our reality more skillfully and consistently.

We all have a conscience that serves as the breath of our souls and the beacon of our emotions. It tells us when something is right and when something is wrong. All you have to do is tune it in well and let it work fearlessly with you.

The flow of thoughts

Waking up your conscience is painful

Carl Gustav Jung used to tell us that “waking up always requires introspection.” Although this famous psychologist played a key role in the development of psychoanalysis, his methodology also included features from anthropology, mythology, and philosophy. Still, his conception of human conscience arouses a great deal of interest.

Like neurologist Antonio Damasio, Jung also defined conscience as a psychological entity in which our deepest and most emotional experiences are integrated. So it’s worth looking “inward” to be aware of unpleasant truths, mistakes, and your personal values. In the end, we are always forced to apply the morals of others instead of our own.

Sometimes a little suffering is required to become aware of all these personal dimensions of ours. According to Jung, we are incapable of doing anything without first confronting our souls and consciences. In order to live “light,” we must understand our conscious ambiguities. Only in this way can we be totally free with ourselves and experience holistic healing.

A woman's conscience and thistle

A quiet conscience leaves the heart

Many of our social and political conditions today are completely deficient on a moral level. Instead of respecting ethics and love for other people, we run away from our selfishness and self-interest.

The awareness of our hearts could be increased by listening to that quiet, consistent voice that would ultimately lead us from self-esteem to mutual respect.

Man flies on leaves with wings

The keys to a free and respectful conscience

Our individual consciences are more than just a reflection of our moral doctrines. It is not enough to understand the difference between right and wrong, but we must also internalize and feel it in our hearts. To do this, it is important to awaken ourselves from sleep and make our thoughts and feelings conscious.

We will teach you how to start building your free and respectful self-esteem. Also consider what differences you will find between seeing, searching, and developing.

  • Seeing is the art of dragging things in without letting yourself dive into them completely. Some people spend a lot of time perceiving and seeing their reality. It is a very early stage in building our conscience that leads us to tell and suggest things without resistance or questions.
  • The second stage in our internal development is the ability to be able to “show” things. This always comes from intent, as we decide for ourselves what we want to show and what we don’t. From time to time, we may be driven by curiosity and desire, but that still doesn’t make us indifferent. We feel, hate, hate, rejoice, and fear things.
  • Socrates said the highest degree of awareness is the ability to look at things through the question of “why”. Meditation always enriches, for then we allow ourselves to examine ourselves and others “from the inside out”. We all have a connection to our inner self that is able to judge the justice of our values, opinions, and actions.
The hand seeks the sun

Our conscience should be able to complement everything we surround ourselves with and control the beacon of our emotions from the heart. Only then can we truly free ourselves from external noise that interferes with our lives and the opinions of others. A clear conscience is more valuable than any gold in the world. It’s like a soft pillow that helps us get rest and live our lives holistically.

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