My Father Taught Me To Walk Through Life

My father taught me to walk through life

The children didn’t arrive with the manual, but my father overcame all obstacles and difficulties and became the wisest and most important person in my life. His hugs, his roaring laughter and his warm gaze that always looked after me have all etched into my heart.

It is interesting how, throughout history, most of the research that has been done on fathers has not given them the value they deserve. Sometimes the only focus is on their role in the family as an economic breadwinner, or a “present but absent” character who is not involved in parenting.

We all know that there are different types of fathers and mothers. There are toxic mothers and exceptional mothers. There are incompetent, insensitive fathers and real heroes of everyday life. There are parents who set an example who inspire and give their children the whole world. Responsible adults who follow the role models of their own parents.

Today, there is a real attempt to save fatherhood. There are many different studies that put aside tube-sighting that says a child really only needs the closeness of their mother to grow and develop. These days, attachment involves many characters.

Our parents are invaluable characters who deserve recognition. Whether they left a long time ago or are still by our side, we know what their skin and heart are made of: courage, quiet sacrifice, and eager pride.

father and baby

Father as a psychic figure

We should not look at raising children on the basis of gender roles. Sometimes our language can be angular and restrictive. “My husband helps me with everything. He is a great father. ” Dad doesn’t help; he is a fundamental part of family dynamics. Because raising children and doing housework does not belong to either gender; it is fully interchangeable.

The Institute of Statistics in Spain says the number of single parents is growing. In fact, in some countries, such as the UK, they already make up 23% of single-parent families. In 1993, the global percentage of single parents was 9%, today it is 14%. These are single-parent families where fathers educate and raise their children just as effectively and happily as single mothers.

Child arrival and biochemical changes in fathers

Believe it or not, fathers ’brains also undergo several changes when a child is born. Women are not the only ones who undergo important hormonal changes, such as those who stimulate breastfeeding or form a bond with the newborn. There are also complex “parenting-related networks” in the fathers ’brains. In this way, they adopt the same mental and cognitive patterns of participation as mothers.

the father puts the child to sleep

There have been many studies that show these changes. When a father looks at his partner holding a baby, a series of certain hormonal changes are triggered in him. Holding or smelling a baby increases the amount of oxytocin, prolactin and glucocorticoids in the body and reduces testosterone.

In this way, an unbreakable bond is formed, based on genuine intimacy, and is just as strong as that between mother and child.

Every sacrifice, supervised night, the fact that you were in it… thank you, Dad.

Dads don’t wear cloaks, they’re not superheroes. They don’t have magical abilities, and they don’t make us reach the moon even if they always only reflect us higher. But they make us think they can do all this – and of course we believe it. For one of their main concerns is to make us believe that nothing is impossible, and that we can achieve almost anything if we just look at it properly.

Not all fathers are particularly talented at verbally expressing their caring, we all know it. But they keep a guard on the edge of the bed when we are sick. They bring good dreams when nightmares attack, and they drop everything out of their hands to take us in their arms when it starts to rain. They don’t have a schedule when we ask them for something, no matter how old we are… For in their eyes we are always someone to take care of, to protect.

father and daughter playing

Father’s love shapes your personality, it gives you values ​​to imitate and relate to your life, a way to face life based on the courage to sacrifice and love without asking for anything in return. This healthy bond with a person who knew how to cover your mental needs has drawn the boundaries of the brave and mature person you are now.

We all carry much of our fathers with us. It is a treasure that lasts, that rises above everything and pushes us forward. So if your dad is still with you, spend time with him. For one day you will wake up and there is no time left for you to tell him all the things you want and feel. Do it now.

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