Network Hazards

Dangers of network connections

Many couples today are formed through the internet. In many cases, they produce lasting and healthy relationships, but there are also many cases that have not proven so good.

The focus of today’s debate is on the dangers of online relationships. We all know that there are millions of people on the internet sitting behind their screens. It’s easy to put yourself in the wrong identity or hide behind your mistakes and shortcomings.

When we see a person face to face, we see both his virtue and his shortcomings. If we decide to continue until a relationship, we have a good sense of who they really are as people.

The less we perceive shortcomings in man, the more we create illusions and emotions. The more mistakes you see, the more realistic your expectations and feelings are.

What happens when a relationship doesn’t happen face to face?

When we communicate with someone through the screen, our verbal language is exhausted. The way a person looks at you, talks and laughs, and is present.

While it is obvious that no one falls in love with a person because of their physical appearance, some degree of attraction is nonetheless necessary ; something that moves within us.

Of course, it’s okay to get to know another person online. However, we need to be aware that an online character is just one part of a person, often supplemented by a more important half, as long as we meet the person face to face. Only when two halves (network and reality) meet can we really say we like a person.


We’ve all seen stories online or on television where people fall in love with something they haven’t seen face to face. However, it is not real – those feelings are a product of the imagination.

That fantasy gets a breeze under the pleasant texts we receive through the screen. Because the image is not visible and the touch is not known, the mind highlights one side, idealizes the other person, and eventually creates the prototype we want.

Online love has brought with it a wide range of problems. Disappointment is great when the person we imagine does not look like any image or has the sensitivity and understanding that has belonged to his personality on the screen.

Therefore, it is best not to insist that the online relationship turn into a real life relationship as soon as possible. The sooner we see the reality of the situation and face the person face to face, the sooner we can make informed decisions.

Why are emotions intense online?

Many claim that they have had much stronger feelings with a person online than in reality. This is because face-to-face relationships are real, and the eyes see everything that can be seen.

But when a person has not yet seen reality, the mind begins to imagine and create an ideal image of what he would like to face. A person they believe is ideal for them.

All this happens unconsciously. Gradually, man begins to form an created illusion until a sufficiently strong intensity is reached that has the potential to create more damage than is actually necessary.

I know of several cases where people have suffered from online relationships. When they understand the function of their mind and the fact that it does not have enough information, they manage to get their feet back on the ground and suppress “fake” emotions.

Talking to another online without seeing him in person is like entering a fantasy world. The people who are most vulnerable to the dangers of online relationships are the ones who tend to dream and are dissatisfied with their real lives.

network connection hazards

Five tips for finding online love

  1. When you start to form feelings for another person,  remember that it is not valid until you have seen the person in person. Because your mind does not have face-to-face information, it begins to idealize and create an unrealistic and completely untrue picture.
  2. Don’t just commit to online relationships. It’s okay to start getting to know another by writing, but it shouldn’t go on for too long. Getting to know another through the screen should always include the intention to meet soon after.
  3. Don’t build a relationship with a person who lives in another country. I have seen many cases of people falling in love with something they cannot see because they live in another country and have spent years communicating only virtually. Such love  is often impossible, as each has their own life and work in their home country, and usually they are not easily transferable. People who do this commit themselves to impossible love.
  4. Forget about people who are married or committed, even if their relationship is coming to an end. Many people fall into this type. The committed person assures the other that even though the current relationship still exists, it may not have been well into time and they are about to divorce. But, in almost all of these cases,  they are only trying to convince that person so that they can be unfaithful to their partner. There are many people you could really meet, so why take the risk with someone who is causing problems in the beginning?
  5. Remember, you never know who you’re talking to. Everyone can be friendly, caring, considerate and virtually perfect behind the screen. But behind that same evidence may be a mentally ill person who does not allow normal relationships in life and who creates a false life for himself.

The dangers of online relationships increase when real life doesn’t seem satisfactory. People search the web for something they haven’t actually gotten. You should always be careful when networking. Just as there are honest people who are worth meeting, there are also completely opposite people who are sick and deceitful.

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