Obesity And Guilt – Are You Really To Blame?

In this article, we’ll talk about how obesity and guilt merge together and how you can break this nasty spiral. When you think you are to blame for your obesity, you get anxious. You then try to relieve the anxiety with food, and you feel even worse.
Obesity and guilt - are you really to blame?

Obesity and guilt go hand in hand. Does any of these expressions sound familiar? “I’ll start tomorrow,” “this is the last,” “never again,” “I can’t continue like this,” “I’m getting fatter,” “I need to change my way,” “my weight is gaining,” and “why can’t I stop gaining weight”.

You may say these sentences to yourself on a daily basis because society makes you believe that only you can be blamed for being overweight. You think you are solely responsible for your body and you value yourself solely for what your body looks like. You feel frustrated because no one notices many of your awesome qualities or they don’t recognize them enough.

You may feel like you are in a worse position when your body is different from what others want it to be. You know you need to lose weight because you start to suffer from health problems. Many things can pressure you to change your body.

Obesity and guilt – pressure and despair

There are days when you become desperate because you think you need to change. Many reasons begin to flow in your mind and it is at that moment that you feel really bad and disgusting. You’re wondering why you let it get out of hand from the beginning, so you start blaming yourself. Deep down, you are convinced that change is easy and that you only need willpower.

This kind of despair causes you to no longer accept yourself and your body and decide that you need immediate change because of the tremendous responsibility you feel for “eye food”.

You adopt a method where two conditions meet:

  • Punishing yourself for not doing something before.
  • The idea of ​​achieving excellent short-term results.

The worst part is that these methods exist, especially in relation to the first condition.

For example, there are heartless people who create all kinds of weight loss programs and promote them as healthy alternatives. Such people are usually paid public figures who tell you to make sacrifices to be “beautiful”. So you need to adopt a low calorie diet and start exercising intense exercise routines as well as mastering complete self-control and so on… You must have heard of them!

Restrictions are stupid…

Obesity and guilt enter the picture.

The discomfort caused by the body is unbearable. You become desperate and drown yourself in a difficult process that does not satisfy you. Of course not, because it is an unsustainable process. It’s impossible and you can’t follow it. Then this desperation to relieve the pressure makes the change process even more rigorous. It increases the guilt of obesity. The discomfort becomes so severe that it transcends physical pain.

In addition to the above, your self-esteem will gradually decline, almost unnoticed. You look at yourself in the mirror and really despise what you see. You no longer feel bad about your body, but you are also angry with your mind. But do you know why? This is all because:

  • You value yourself every day just by the shape of your body, just as if it just matters to you.
  • You tell yourself every day that you have a terrible body.
  • And every day you try to change it so that it becomes what you want it to be, or more specifically, the way you’ve heard it should be.
  • Then whenever you try to change it, you do it in an unbearable and unsustainable way. It makes you feel terrible because it turns into a self-destructive exercise.

… So you eat

  • Of course, you will not be able to submit to such strict discipline. However, you do not realize it. You can only think that you can’t do it because you’re not strong enough because you’re just not good enough.
  • Plus, you feel guilty every day because you can’t change in a way you think is possible. You follow misleading messages like, “you can do whatever you focus your thoughts on”.
  • You will learn daily that cramming food wins the battle, even if you try not to do so. You don’t realize that you need to alleviate your dissatisfaction, calm your anxiety. Of course, you are dissatisfied because whatever relief you receive is quite short-lived.
  • You tell yourself every day that you will lose. And you think you will lose because of yourself. Because you can’t and you’re not good enough. You tell yourself you are weak, that you don’t know you are bad. That you are not capable of doing so and never will be. In short, you tell yourself you are a loser.

Then you need a sense of well-being and the discomfort becomes too hard to tolerate. So you fall out of the trip and eat everything you haven’t eaten in the last few days. Unfortunately, you do so with feelings of anxiety and discomfort, not joy. This is exactly what eating is all about and even if it is physically unhealthy, it will bring you mental relief in doing so.

Corrosion suppresses the anxiety created by an intolerable process of change. Then the spiral starts again from the beginning. It causes pressure, despair, excessive control, dissatisfaction, corrosion, and guilt.

Obesity and guilt – are you really to blame?

Obesity and guilt when eating treats.

Unfortunately, the relief brought on by burning doesn’t last long and then you feel guilty about obesity. Why couldn’t you “do what you have to” to get back into bikini condition and eliminate the pressure and dissatisfaction caused by your own body. As if your body is to blame for everything…

So the boring twist starts from the beginning and you feel the pressure again and you are extremely motivated to change. Then you find and adopt again an unsustainable method that you cannot sustain. Once again, you begin to gobble up to ease the cruel feeling of a state of dissatisfaction. Then guilt reappears in the patterns and once again you drift into its traps. Except the deeper you sink, the deeper the dissatisfaction you experience.

It’s all because the culture made you believe you were to blame for the weight gain. Obesity and guilt meet. You feel a great responsibility and the pressure you feel is cruel. It will make you continue to follow an unsustainable method that will only make the situation worse. So the solution begins as soon as you break this nasty spiral. Stop for a moment and take a thoughtful, well-adjusted, realistic approach. One where going back doesn’t mean starting from scratch. One where you can lose, but that doesn’t mean losing everything you achieve.

You need to have a critical mind that will make you take control of your life and decisions. Independent attitude without cognitive dissonance of the masses.

Obesity and guilt: how to break the spiral

Breaking a thread is about relieving pressure. To do that, you need to create a realistic story about yourself and the responsibility you have for your body, its shape, and its meaning in your life. At the same time, you need to have a critical mind for society in order to dismiss toxic stories that can distort your internal dialogue.

In addition, you should appreciate yourself in terms of your body as well as things you don’t like about it. You need to understand that you are good enough as you are. This way, your plan will not turn against your self-esteem if you fail to fulfill it.

Only with this kind of peace of mind will you be able to make a comfortable, healthy, progressive and lasting change. It’s an all-encompassing model that, in addition to orthodox eating, also teaches you to work in other areas to make you feel better.

This is because you remove any pressure, despair, and dissatisfaction you may have. You don’t need food as your only source of well-being, and you don’t feel guilty about eating it because you know it sometimes has a protective effect and it makes sense. There is no room for carnage, nor for guilt.

Obesity and guilt are a combination caused by society. Don’t let it win.

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