Overcome Fear That Prevents You From Trying Something New

Overcome the fear that prevents you from trying something new

We have an awesome ability to be flexible and bend in the face of change. However, fear is always the first thing that speaks.

Many people get stuck at a certain point and place in their lives because they let a sense of insecurity affect them. However, they do not know that the feeling will pass, and it will by no means last forever. We talk about a feeling of discomfort preparing for a challenge where, step by step, our chances begin to grow. While new things scare us, they also arouse illusion, curiosity, and spark. 

Turn your fears into motivation

Every time something scares us, we take steps back or at least stay where we are. Maybe this is a lesson learned from use. However, we could do the exact opposite. Does that sound crazy to you? Maybe that’s it. However, we are confident that fear is the best motivation you can find to push yourself towards new, big steps. It’s about emotion, it’s about energy. From now on, you decide where to place it.

I urge you to travel on a spiritual level to your past, to moments when you had no choice but to do things that scared you. You might be terrified at the time when you had to present a project to others. You had no choice. What did you do with your fears? You accepted it and gathered shame, doubt, worry, and hesitation so you could accomplish what made you nervous. When you feel so much fear and you have no choice but to face it, you begin to take advantage of it.


The winner’s attitude

Thanks to the winner’s attitude, you can face your difficulties in a different way. We are all burdened with dealing with problems and obstacles. The rocks hanging on our path are causing setbacks to our goals and progress. You focus too much on these setbacks, which makes their importance unreasonably high.

The negative things in life hold an important agreement. Even so important that it is capable of pushing away all the good we have achieved.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Leave what has already happened behind you, reject your thoughts on the future. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and deserves special treatment. Focus on the present and take full advantage of it. Think that it is not tomorrow that only today can you give your all to opportunities. If you get stuck in fears and doubts, your day is wasted in an instant.

You are responsible for your life, so don’t put yourself in the role of a victim. If you don’t trust the process, you’re not going to get where you’re going. Starting a new one can be scary, and often we just want to speed up time. We are not realistic. We do not see the efforts we need to make. Our expectations turn against us at the very beginning of our path.


Make sure your goals are possible

Before you start something new, make sure it is also possible to achieve it. This way you avoid disappointment. Keep your motivation high. From time to time, you may want to give up, but keep your eyes on the prize itself. That’s the only thing that really motivates you.

Remember, only the present matter matters. You will not get a second chance. What you do today will shape everything in your future. Your comfort zone, fears, doubts and shame will not bring you any good if you do not face them. They are only useful when won, as they are the only way to start something new right away.

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