Overcoming Difficult Challenges By Fighting

Difficult challenges are overcome by fighting

Do you have a challenge ahead of you and want to overcome it? So fight with all your might to get a little closer. There is no other way to overcome the challenges than a combination of trying and enjoying.

Athletes talk about two types of pain: the kind they feel when they get hurt and suffer, and the kind they feel when they compete and give their all. At first they suffer and later they enjoy because they have allowed themselves to flow with the pain.

However, we don’t want to top anyone off with this article. Fulfilling and realizing our deepest dreams is not an easy goal. In addition, for every person who succeeds in their goal, ten crashes along the way trying to overcome challenges along the way. There are so many tongues and angles along it that they often sink into hopelessness and apathy just when they try.

However, next I would like to suggest ways that could help you figure out what your main goals are and how you can work every day to achieve what you have always wanted deep down but have never dared to even acknowledge.

Set your own goals

I can say you should fight with all your might but first we need to know why, right? It doesn’t make sense to contract without actually knowing what the goals we want to even be. So the first thing is to figure out your dreams and wanted, those you mention when you are asked to define yourself.


Finding, the first task, is not the shortest possible and not the one that would pose the least challenges. Remember that many years have passed with dreams dormant after they drown in excuses and procrastination. I’ll do it later, then when, or better then when…, etc.

This is a complicated first step during which many people give up immediately. It’s like they’re finding a plate of good food in front of them and they feel like they have no choice but to swallow it with one oral. If you haven’t been in a hurry to get to it, you still don’t want to eat it all at once. It seems incomprehensible. All the other things you will find along your path as you move towards your goal is best done one at a time.

Develop an action plan

I can tell you that you have to fight with all your might, but in what direction? Once you’ve found your heart’s wildest dreams, it’s time to trace a plan to follow. Mention in your plan the help you can count on and plan interim commissions after challenges that you think require more effort.

At this point, it is important to be honest with yourself. Set possible and achievable goals. It is not a good idea to put a cart in front of a horse. However, we need to remain ambitious with goals that are not too complicated but also not too simple, as both paths can be frustrating.

Be sure to come up with a sensible and realistic action plan. Extra birds in your head are one of the first things that will make the goals you set fly out of your reach. It is easy to make a mistake at this point, because as many who have failed on their path have already done so, they have not wanted to see the fact that what is unfeasible is also complicated. Don’t lift your legs off the ground but be aware of how far you can sensibly get.

Start following the action plan

You have already memorized your goals and action plan to follow. Now is the time to put in place the necessary mechanisms to move in the right direction.

Remember that many omens, conflicting noises, obstacles, and less traveled paths will appear in front of you. However, you need to believe in yourself and protect that faith. Don’t forget that you are a qualified person with the ability, attitude and desire to succeed.

hands wide open

At this point, more people will fall. Changes in attitudes will not always be understood and social pressure can be so intense that it makes even the most capable minds give up their intentions. Unfortunately, we live in a limited world where not everyone is ready to face the challenges of their dreams. A recurring failure of our society is the lack of education and the social environment to provide the tools and structures to support these issues.

Fight with all your might

Finally, there is one more thing to mention to see your dreams come true. Fight with all your might. Don’t let anyone or anyone take your goals from you and work with perseverance, enthusiasm, obsession and effort.

Don’t forget the challenges you’ve already passed. They are forces that show your courage, as if instructions that prove that you encountered difficult situations and that you jumped over or avoided. Most importantly, they didn’t stop you from making progress.

Overcome the challenges of walking on a rope

Celebrities who fought for their dreams

If we look around,  we find dozens of people who one day believed in themselves and were able to see their dreams come true. They put in a lot of effort and saw the challenges that appeared on the road as an opportunity to learn.

Famous names include people like Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple; Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft; Warren Buffett, a real source of inspiration after settling in Berkshire Hathaway, as well as Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

These are very concrete examples of people who fought with all their might. We must not forget that  for every one who fights to the end and achieves his goals, there are thousands who fail. However, it is human nature that tries tirelessly to succeed despite the shadow of failure that lurks in each of us constantly, including the brave.

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