Passion Gives Wings To Your Dreams

Passion gives wings to your dreams

Monotony and routines can take away spices and take power from life, leaving us without the spark that gives us joy in every passing day. On the other hand, when we do things with passion, our lives experience an enlightenment of enthusiasm and purpose. Did you know that time passes faster if you do with passion what you are doing?

Passion is a feeling that can be experienced very strongly and deeply. It penetrates the whole body, paralyzing our thoughts. It makes any activity we do enriching and may even make it feel effortless. It’s like being attacked, at first unexpectedly, then winged with happy and indescribable satisfaction.

For example, a  child who is so excited about playing football that he forgets everything else. Or a woman who steps on the dance floor… you notice a change in her face immediately.

Motivate to connect with your passion

Motivation is a psychological component that leads, sustains, and implements our behavior. If we want passion, we must first see what motivates and encourages us to move forward. Motivation will be a key factor in uniting with our passion. 

the woman is the winner

Passion is a special ingredient that evokes our unyieldingness and motivation. It’s like fuel for our goals and dreams. It encourages us not to throw in the towel when we face our first difficulty. Without passion and desire we have no energy; we cannot force ourselves to do anything. 

Traditionally, we talk about two types of motivation: external and internal. External motivation is when we do something of our own volition, and the result is something we benefit from. In this case, it is rarely a real passion. For example, think about your work and how you do things you don’t like to get a paycheck.

Internal motivation, on the other hand, is when we do something simply because doing it is satisfactory. We do not expect anything in exchange, except, of course, for our own satisfaction. In addition,  the possibility of choice often opens the door to intrinsic motivation. In other words, this freedom serves as a fuel for our enthusiasm. It’s a moment when the momentum begins and we feel a certain kind of ownership in the search for our own happiness.

Passion arises from partnership with your inner child

Combining our passions is not always easy. We become adults and gather beliefs that limit us and detach us from the most natural and spontaneous part of ourselves. Sometimes  we forget our dreams and longings and settle for a hard life. We allow ourselves to be swept away by everyday responsibilities. 

Something that can help us get our enthusiasm back is letting our inner child out. Each of us has one. Do you remember what it was like to be a child? What things do you enjoy or what did you find exciting? Maybe, for example, you liked playing on the beach and building sand castles, or making puzzles and inventing stories.

inner child

Add to that the curiosity and determination to do what you do. Pretend it’s the first time you’re doing that thing you enjoy. Only in this way can you fight apathy, which is the result of scheduling a full to-do list. Your inner child will be happy to try new hobbies and projects that you have in mind. If you allow it, it will take you on a journey into a new world.

Get used to feeding your passion every day

Passion can be nurtured and learned if we succeed in diverting our attention from our responsibilities. So if you haven’t yet found something that you experience in your passion, just follow your curiosity until you find the things that make you feel the way we described your passion in the past.

In this rediscovery, you need to dive into your inner self and explore your deepest needs. Passion gives wings to your desires and longings. No matter how long it takes, you still have time to find it. Start by putting your dreams first. They are the helms of your life that will guide you where you want to go and they will give your days purpose.

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