Positive People: Fuel For Healthy Relationships

Positive people have incredible energy. They make the feeling of well-being grow constantly.
Positive people: fuel for healthy relationships

Some people fill our hearts with the purest joy. They are people who try to make our lives less difficult and they always think about our well-being. Positive people simply make our lives better.

These people are able to generate feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in other people with their own authenticity. That’s why we feel better with them as they fill the room with joy and make our lives easier.

In this article, we discuss the world of positive people more deeply. We talk about their qualities, how to get them on our side, and the benefits we get when we are with them.

Positive people favor healthy relationships. They strengthen us with their empathy, tolerance, altruism, and love. They take care of us, and also of ourselves. They are people who always offer the best of themselves.

Positive people: what are they like?

  • They have self-awareness:  This makes them deal with their feelings more appropriately. They are skilled when it comes to facing different situations.
  • Empathetic:  Positive people put themselves in the shoes of others, and are able to understand what others think and feel.
  • Tolerant:  They are willing to hear other opinions.
  • Honest: They are able to say what they think and feel, because honesty is important to them.
  • Altruistic: They care about the well-being of others without expecting anything in return from others.
  • Authentic: They are always their own selves, whatever the situation.
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Positive people always try to respect boundaries, and they know what’s right for them. They are able to say “no” even though it is not always easy. This makes them more confident in their relationships.

But of course they are not perfect. They make mistakes, just like all of us. But they face their own problems and the solutions they come up with are different, as they always keep in mind their own, and also the well-being of others.

How can we attract such people to us?

As we said earlier, positive people definitely make us feel better. In this way we can attract them to us:

  • Setting boundaries : If we know where to draw boundaries, and we know how to prevent people from crossing that boundary, we can find positive people because toxic people stay away from us. Healthy and positive people understand our boundaries and perspectives, and respect them.
  • Say goodbye to interdependence: A relationship where one party needs the other to feel good becomes toxic. It’s better to be with someone because he makes us happy, not because we need him to be happy.
  • How  do we behave ourselves  ? Sometimes other people are not toxic. Instead, we are ourselves. To change this, let’s start to get to know ourselves and work with our personal problems with the goal in mind that we want to provide the best version of ourselves to the world.
  • Thinking Emotions:  If we start thinking about our relationships, we will notice what emotions, thoughts, and behaviors they evoke in us. Is the other party in the relationship a problem, or are we? Identifying this is key. If we don’t feel good with them, it’s a sign that we’re in a toxic relationship.

As we can see, there are many different ways to get positive people to our side. It is important that we pay attention to ourselves and the other person, change the things about ourselves that we do not think encourage in a healthy environment, and if we continue to suffer in the company of another person, we should consider leaving this harmful relationship. 

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The benefits of positive people in our lives

Positive people have the power to make us feel alive. There are many benefits to being with them, such as:

  • Mature relationships
  • Quality of life
  • Peace
  • A sense of balance
  • A more positive view of the world and our problems
  • More freedom
  • Authentic relationships

Neva Millic and Ana Maria Aron of the Pontifical University of Chile conducted a study that found that  positive people help create the optimal environment for learning and healthy relationships. They add potential socialization to these environments, inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves.

If we stop to analyze different contexts, we can find that toxic people contribute to a negative environment. Therefore, it would be better to surround ourselves with positive people.

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