Reflect On These 7 Sentences About Love

Ponder these 7 phrases about love

Many many sentences have been written about love, but not all of them care about real knowledge and the right kind of reflection. Pablo Neruda said that love is born of memories, lives in the intellect and dies of oblivion. So let us appreciate those little lessons that make us build mature and conscious human relationships where we understand that there is no room for pain in passion and that love is freedom.

We say this for a very good reason. Since love is one of the deepest and most powerful human emotions, it is worth investing in it, and it is worth knowing how to distinguish artificiality from its essence so that we can reject the ideas with which love has been frosted for so long. Phrases like “is it great that it makes you cry” put concepts in the wrong light, and build an immature and uncertain picture of attachment relationships.

As Albert Camus stated, true unhappiness does not arise from being loved, but from not being able to love. It is therefore worth doing it well and adopting the wise and bright sides of human relationships to dedicate ourselves to happiness and growth, commitment and consideration for the other, and creating a common path that we can walk hand in hand but free and strong so we can continue our journey both as individuals and together. .

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Think about these 7 phrases about love

There are many phrases about love in poetry and literature, ones that great writers like philosophers and thinkers have bestowed on us through the ages; love-praising phrases that allow us to enrich our minds and hearts. While we all have our own favorite texts, it’s never a nuisance to expand our thinking,  and connect with those words that bring meaning to them. So we will tell you 7 unforgettable phrases about love.

1. Always be yourself

Let’s admit that  there are few more tempting mistakes than presenting something other than what we are, showing the wrong version of ourselves just to attract or please others. A person who truly loves us loves us as we are, for the sake of our true selves, for all our edges, virtues, and miraculous personalities.

2. Only love grows when shared

It is worth avoiding closed and consuming relationships in which we confine ourselves to giving everything to one single person to the exclusion of all others, and in which we isolate ourselves from a limited, single interpersonal universe. These types of dynamics are destructive and crippling in the long run. Let’s avoid them, and remember that  nothing enriches our lives as much as the people we love, like our partners, family, and friends.

7 wonderful phrases about love

3. Love makes us feel alive

We often lose the direction of our lives, and allow ourselves to float in the stream forward, prioritizing things that don’t bring happiness. External pressures and worries, work-related goals, endless embrace of matter… what’s the point of all that?

Let us appreciate the things that make us worth living and our privilege to be alive and to love and be loved.

4. We are partners, we have a great time together

Nothing is as important to an affectionate as sharing laughter and good moments. During those moments, we enjoy everything and don’t worry about anything. We can build a relationship where we are friends and lovers,  people who find each other every day and understand each other and enjoy the passionate and fun tunes of life.

5. Love with reason

Sometimes we indulge in emotions and fall without a parachute or safety in love. We build relationships where we love with our eyes closed and our hearts open and give everything without restraint and without boundaries, disproportionately…

While romantic relationships sometimes require spontaneity and courage, it does not suffer from the use of reason or the fact that we also use our brains in addition to our passionate hearts, which often function thoughtlessly.

This is without a doubt one of those phrases of love that is worth remembering. It’s great to love intensely, but let’s do it with a couple drops of common sense and a decent touch of wisdom.

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6. Love is in the small details

Some think that love requires great gestures and heroic deeds, all-or-nothing situations where we show how much we love and how much we are personally committed, and we also demand these deeds in return from another.

This is not right. True love is not powered by these types of crazy performances, though they can be realized, but nourished by small gestures,  such everyday details in which we seem to know the other and give him attention and affection.

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7. Mutual commitment

Affection requires action, that common resources be directed in the same direction,  that we act as a team and not play games of power against each other where only one wins and the other withdraws.

It is not enough to look into each other’s eyes, but love is built in the present moment,  and it requires us to commit together to look in the same direction and grow as a couple and project each other trusting each other and overcoming resistance, while feeling that we are one.

In conclusion, we are confident that these seven phrases about love have provided the reader with more than one thing to consider. Let’s keep them in mind in our daily lives, as many of them are suitable for use in other relationships as well as relationships. Friendship and also our family relationships need many of these wisdoms  so we can build more meaningful and healthier relationships.

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