Sakura’s Legend: A True Love Story

Sakura's legend: a true love story

The legend of Sakura takes place hundreds of years ago in ancient Japan. At that time, the feudal ruler fought terrible battles in which many humble fighters were killed and the whole country sank into grief and destruction. Moments of peace were few. A new war began immediately after the end of the Second War.

Despite all this, however, there was a beautiful forest that even war could not touch. It was full of green trees that let out a subtle scent and comforted the tortured inhabitants of ancient Japan. Despite the number of wars, none of the army fighters dared to tarnish that beautiful forest.

However, there was a tree in that forest that never bloomed. Although it was full of life, its branches never had any flowers at all. For that reason, it looked hollow and dry, as if it were dead. However, it was not. It just looked like it wasn’t destined for flowers.

A hint of magic

The tree was very lonely. The animals in the forest did not go near it for fear of receiving its strange evil. The grass also did not grow around it for the same reason. Its only company was loneliness. Sakura’s legend says that the fairy was moved when she saw how old the tree looked, even though it was still young.

One night the fairy appeared next to the tree and kindly told her that she wanted to see it look beautiful and radiant. He wanted to help it. So he would use his powers to cast a spell that would last for 20 years. During that time, the tree would be able to feel the same as the human heart. Maybe that way it would make you happy and it would feel ready to flourish again.

The fairy told the tree that thanks to the spell, it could turn into both a plant and a human at any time. However, if it could not restore its vitality and glory after those 20 years, it would die.

cherry tree in bloom

Meeting Sakura

Just like the fairy said, the tree found that it could turn into a human and a plant if it wanted to. It tried to stay human for a long time to see if people’s emotions would help it blossom. However, it was a complete disappointment at first. Even though he looked around, it only saw war and anger. It then returned as a plant.

Sakura’s legend says it took many years without anything changing. Despite what he did, the tree could not find a way out of that unfortunate state. One afternoon, however, it decided to become human again. Then it walked to the crystal clear stream where it saw a beautiful, young woman. His name was Sakura. The tree was very impressed with her beauty, so it decided to approach the girl.

Sakura was very kind to it. In return for his kindness, it helped him carry water to his house, which was just around the corner. They discussed how sad it was when the war was fought in Japan, as well as the many dreams they had.

Sakura’s legend: love is miraculous

When the girl asked her name, the tree answered Yohiro. They became close friends. They met to chat, sing, and read poems and great stories at regular intervals. The more the tree got to know Sakura, the more it wanted to be by his side. It always counted the minutes every day to being with him again.

Sakura’s legend says that Yohiro couldn’t take it anymore and decided to confess his love for Sakura. In addition, it told him what it really was: a destroyed tree that was about to die because it couldn’t bloom. Sakura was shocked and said nothing for a moment.

Time passed and 20 years was coming to an end. Yohiro, who returned back to the tree, felt sadder over the days.

beautiful cherry trees in bloom

One afternoon when it least waited, Sakura came next to it. He hugged the tree and told her he felt the same way. He did not want the tree to die. At that moment, the fairy arrived and went to ask Sakura if she wanted Yohiro to remain human or if she wanted to unite with Yohiro in the form of a tree.

Sakura looked around and remembered the war. He then chose to unite with Yohiro as a tree. And a miracle happened. The two became one, and the tree finally began to bloom. Their love has created a scent for Japanese fields ever since. The legend of Sakura shows us that another person can bring out our best side.

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