Silent Treatment: Covert Mental Assault

Silent treatment: covert mental assault

Silent treatment is a method often used by people who appear to have high levels of self-control and who claim to be more rational than emotional. At the same time, it refers not only to the expression of passive violence, but also to covert mental assault. Thus, it can deeply harm the person receiving it.

Silent treatment is characterized by a group of behaviors that aim to ignore others. We see it in all kinds of relationships: couples, friends, parents and children, relatives and so on. The use of tacit treatment requires previous conflict. Sometimes, however, the victim of such behavior is unaware of the conflict precisely because it has not been openly expressed by the other party.

Silent treatment includes acts such as refusing to speak to someone, ignoring what another is saying, pretending not to hear what the other is saying, distancing oneself or avoiding the club as if the person were spreading the infection, ignoring his or her expressed wishes or needs, or any behavior aimed at making the person invisible or void.

This kind of behavior is quite harmful. Not only does it show immaturity, malice, and a lack of mental intelligence, but it can also have serious consequences for another person. Such behavior is an attempt to control and irritate, and has nothing positive to give to the relationship.

Silent treatment can cause stress and mental trauma

A person who is the target of silent treatment can feel very strong negative emotions. Ignoring a person means he is not worth anything and doesn’t matter. Things get even worse when all this happens in a cruel and cold silence that the victim can’t interpret.

the iris of the eye drains away

People who are ignored eventually become overwhelmed with sad feelings. It can sometimes lead to depression. They also feel anger, fear, and guilt. Ignoring someone is an indirect way to blame or point a finger at them. That is why this method is an unhealthy way of dealing with conflicts.

Victims of such behavior tend to feel extremely anxious. They don’t understand what they are doing wrong or why another person is treating them this way. Just like they lose control and it causes a lot of stress. For that reason, it is considered one form of assault. It doesn’t shout or beat, but it has a lot of violence.

Silent treatment also has physical effects

Studies have shown that rejected or ignored emotions can cause changes in the brain. The area of ​​the human brain called the “front of the pliers” is responsible for detecting different levels of pain. Researchers have proven that this area is activated when someone faces tacit treatment.

brain front and side

Activation of this area means that physical symptoms also begin to appear. Some very common symptoms include headaches and digestive problems. Fatigue and insomnia are also common ailments. If the situation is severe or prolonged, serious problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or even diseases such as cancer can occur.

The autoimmune system is also affected. Mainly due to the high stress caused by the situation. The consequences are even more serious if the person using the tacit treatment is an authoritative figure such as a teacher, parent, or supervisor.

Learn to negotiate to prevent such situations

Sometimes silent treatment is used by two people who love each other like a couple, good friends, siblings and so on. Sometimes people think that if they use silent treatment, the other person will change their behavior or do as they want them to do. They see it almost as a teaching aid. However, they are very wrong. Ignoring the other person in the form of punishment only destroys the relationship.

friends have fun together

Like many tactics that are defensive and result of uncertainty, the use of this also shows very poor communication skills. Silence can be healthy when emotions are elevated and a break is necessary before the situation escalates. However, when silence is used as a way of control or punishment, it becomes an assault.

No one should passively allow themselves to be ignored by someone else, especially without an explanation for their behavior. And no one should try to resolve a conflict by using tacit treatment. When there is a problem between two people, the only healthy way is to discuss it to find a solution. Silence and distance only create new problems and, after all, solve nothing at all.

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