Simplifying The Present With These Three Questions

Simplifying the present with these three issues

” Enjoy the present moment ” is an expression we even use too much, but we don’t follow. Living in an instant involves reflecting on our existence, both on a personal and professional level, but few people do it.

Perhaps due to lack of time or daily stress, we set aside healthy habits such as observing ourselves or enjoying the present. We forget how important it is to ask ourselves how we feel or how we could enjoy life more. The answers to these questions allow us to develop and address our personal growth in a more effective way.

Anthony Robbins, one of the most famous life coach, has said the following: ” Quality of life is partly based on the quality of the questions that we ask ourselves. ” Therefore, consideration of how we live, how to simplify the present moment, and what we want to do in the future, helping us to enjoy the present moment better.

Taking care of our inner well-being simplifies our path of life. It also ensures that we walk the path that leads us to an environment full of enriching people and well-being. To do this, we need to ask ourselves three questions.

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1. What are you struggling with right now?

It is true that not all people make the effort to achieve their goals or feel better, but instead allow time to pass at the same time as they unknowingly complain that they are not making progress. If we feel this way, we need to recognize the efforts we make on a daily basis, keeping in mind the goals we want to achieve.

Both sides are equally important to simplify the present and enjoy it. It is not enough that we have a goal that we are not working towards, nor is it useful to see the effort without knowing clearly what we are working towards. But most people don’t take these variables into account. If we’ve ever asked the people around us why they have their routines and why they’re stressed, they’ll probably answer that they’re doing what they’re supposed to do.

If we ask ourselves what we are struggling with, it will help us realize that we often stress about things we don’t have yet, things that haven’t happened yet, while forgetting what we have. The answer to this question can make us realize that we may never feel good or happy until we get what we need out of our minds. If we begin to make an effort to achieve our goals, we will see how our well-being increases almost immediately.

2. What prevents us from moving forward and where can we let go?

Holding on to something or person, even if it hurts us, is a habit we all have from birth. So often we find ourselves doing activities and sticking to bad habits that we can’t let go of.

We all know very well the power that toxic people have in our self-esteem, beliefs, and feelings. These evil influences harm us in ways we are unable to let go.

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3. Who do you want to spend more time with?

One of the most famous personal development quotes goes like this:  “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” But most of us haven’t chosen the people we want to spend time with. We need to start thinking about who we want to be with us so we can enjoy the present moment.

To do this,  we need to visualize the people who improve our lives the most. How can we prioritize their company? This is sometimes difficult, but we need to limit those activities and people who do not benefit our lives in any way. Let’s take care of the people who bring value to our lives and make time to be with them.

In addition, we need to appreciate what other people in our immediate circle can offer us. We should not spend time with those who do not even want to be with us. We can simplify our lives by being with those we want to follow and those we want to follow. Let’s set our minds to let go of some people, while thanking life for having played a part in it.

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