Stop Sitting And Waiting For Life To Happen

Stop sitting and waiting for life to happen

One thing that people always learn sooner or later is that sitting still and waiting for things to happen on their own is pointless. To be happy, you have to make decisions. When we are able to support that magical change in ourselves, only then will it happen. That is when our environment also merges with this harmonious movement.

One of the most prominent writers in the history of literature in the world was undoubtedly Anton Chejov. In his words, which were critical and skillful in the psychic and psychological world, he reminded that the people always expect something good or bad to emerge from external sources. On the other hand, wise people expected everything from themselves.

On the other hand, we also know that often people are forced to wait. Like a teenager who would like to die to be an adult, an adult who strives for a good job. We do the same every day as we wait for the subway so it can arrive and take us home. The art of waiting without despair is planting “seeds” in this time. Small deeds, thoughtful approaches and initiatives can in themselves create movement. It’s worth a try, and I encourage you to consider it.


When waiting seems like the only option

Many of us have been raised in a culture of illusion and awards. We believe, just like in fairy tales, that life has a happy ending. We have been taught that you have to put up with frustration before you get positive confirmation. And we are also told, in quiet voices, that good things happen to good people.

However, as we begin to devour reality and fall into “bears” on our paths, many of us come to the conclusion that people have no control over this thing called life. We think it’s better to wait, stay put, and dig roots into this area of ​​our comfort while staring out the windows of life. We sit and wait for a miracle to come to our door.

Waiting should never be the only option we have to solve the problems of our problems and being. It’s time to put aside what you feel to think about what you really need. Life is not a picnic. We know this. But, in reality, it’s not just bad or hostile things either. Reality is so easy or hard depending on how you choose to see it.

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When you stop waiting, life changes

We tend to blame our environment and the people around us for our own accident. We blame them for cutting our wings and blocking our growth and opportunities. With this pattern of thought, we fertilize our minds with the filth of discomfort to plant the seeds of suffering.

We know you’ve heard and read this before: your thoughts affect your behavior and emotions. But despite this, we don’t always manage to hold on to the reins of a runaway horse, a horse called fear.

Almost as if not knowing how, our minds turn into automatic washing machines, where horrific speeches and distress go around and around. By doing this, we limit ourselves to just seeing what doesn’t work instead of taking care of things that work. This is not right. We need to change our cognitive patterns. We also need to understand that life is not waiting for us. It doesn’t stop, and it doesn’t give warnings. In fact, we miss it just by letting it pass us.

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Strategies to produce change in our lives

When it comes to happiness and the realization of dreams, there is no magic formula. Each of us must be able to find the combination that works best for our specific needs, character, and circumstances.

However, there are some fundamental guidelines that can help us cross this fear threshold so that we can make a difference and stop waiting.
These guidelines are as follows:

  • We should not be afraid to make mistakes or fail. The fact that we stop waiting means that we have to make decisions, and if any of them are not right, it is not the end of the world.
  • He who stops waiting and dares to act does not do so because he is convinced that everything will go well. They do so because it’s the right thing to do, because staying put doesn’t lead us anywhere. The movement itself is life.
  • Regulate your obsession with maintaining control of everything around you, and control your nervousness. This is also a reflection of fear.
  • Silence negative dialogue and “chewing” fatalistic thoughts. They are of no use. Recycle them.
  • Don’t anticipate anything that might or may not happen, and limit yourself to just an open mind. For life is not a problem that needs to be solved. It is a mystery that you should live and experience.

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