Taking Risks Allows Us To Grow

Taking risks allows us to grow

Taking risks is mandatory so that we can achieve our goals and gradually transform ourselves into something that is very close to our ideal version of ourselves. But doesn’t the word “risk” immediately cause a feeling of fear in you? We are not used to taking risks. We avoid them and protect ourselves from them.

This is perfectly normal. If only we can, we will always look for the easiest and safest way to achieve what we want, but maybe this is a sign of weakness? The fact that you want everything so easily is not good. The result will not be satisfactory.

Fear of making mistakes

It’s hard for us to get over this because it looks like we’re still tied to the idea that making mistakes is something we should be ashamed of. Something we should run away from if we can. But  making mistakes is essential for learning, to be able to do things better, and to move closer to our goals. Are you scared? Sure, but you have to get over all the fear.

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We cannot go on with the false belief that mistakes make us weak, incapable, or make it impossible for us to achieve what we want. Nothing is further from the truth. Mistakes help us achieve everything we want, although it may be that we don’t see it that way, at least in the beginning.

Take risks and you will make mistakes! But this will help you see that you need to heal, fix, and keep growing. How do you learn to walk? Falling… How do you learn to read? By making mistakes…  There is nothing that comes easily and without any risk, there will never be absolutely correct answers.

If you fail, that’s ok

Imagine you are taking a big risk by taking your business forward or you are starting to study something you have always wanted to learn. This will include things that are difficult to move forward because doing them is a real sacrifice. But does taking a risk mean that everything is going to go well?

Taking risks will not always yield positive results, but sacrificing for trying and going the path you thought was right is the right way to go. Even if you fail, even if you find yourself at an intersection, don’t worry. You have made the best possible decision.

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Remember, you can’t know where your limits are if you don’t take risks. No one is born knowing where they are good, what they are doing wrong, what their weaknesses are… No one knows, but they learn it by making mistakes and taking risks.

Even if you take the risk and fail, don’t let it scare you from continuing to take risks over and over again. Think of the excitement that comes from taking this risk. What if something goes wrong? That’s just ok, just get up and choose another option. Life is full of them, you are the only one who sets boundaries for yourself.

And what if all goes well?

This is also very possible. Would you really be able to live with the uncertainty that comes with the “what if…” setup? Taking risks will help you narrow down options that would otherwise remain in your mind as missed opportunities. 

Sometimes we are not aware that sometimes in order to win you have to lose. We live in fear of facing our own dreams because we don’t believe in ourselves. Do you have anything to lose? Take risks and learn to see your goals as something you want and you can achieve them. 

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Nothing comes by itself. Remember, you have to fight for everything. The problem stems from the  fear that makes us end our lives by regretting everything we didn’t and wanted to do. Surely you don’t want this.

Don’t stop thinking about your dream

There should be only one thing in mind: your goal. If you then have to take risks, then just do it! If things go wrong, let them go! Keep in mind that things can also go well, but you won’t know that until you try.

Start taking risks today in front of what you really want, without fear of anything, without fear of yourself and the mistakes you might make. Life is full of them, but they help you grow and learn. Make mistakes, take risks, live…

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