“The Moon “: Children Should Choose Their Own Path

“The Moon (La Luna)” is a delightful short film produced by Disney Pixar that introduces you to the most magical and charming boy ever. His eyes shine captivatingly and are filled with that eager curiosity that already has its own voice; they shine like those occasional starbursts falling from the sky.

In fact, this short clip story is based on just that: falling stars.  In the film, the falling stars have to be collected and this happens to be a particularly important task held by the protagonist’s family. They are “sweepers” and their work has been taught from generation to generation over the years. Until the turn of our endearing protagonist.

“The Moon” is a short film about a boy who starts in a field shared by his father and grandfather. But he also has his own voice, which allows him to show us that each of us can choose our own path.

“Bambino” two months in his eyes

But… So what happens?  While the task may seem fairly simple, there are occasional twists and turns in the journey. And thus we too get to see how the daily repetitive work and the power of habit have caused the father and grandfather to lose their wit and innocence.

This is precisely the moment when the boy steps forward, armed with determination and courage, to resolve the situation in a way that the older generations would not have thought of on the moon day.

The boy acts like the “Little Prince” himself. He puts into practice a creative reasoning that only a vigilant and innocent child can develop.

He stays away from paternal structures to make room for his wit, while showing the new generation that he can choose his own path.  He does not reject help from his family, but shows that he is just as capable.

While the adults quarrel, the boy acts. Children have the ability to refrain from formalities, predictions, and accept different ways to break some familiar formulas and structures, and to move forward.

The value of children choosing their own path

Just as we mentioned above, this short film shows its value when a child chooses his or her own path, means and manner when he or she has a very own voice and he or she shows us how much we can learn from him or her if we allow it to ourselves. If we can also open up to them and their world.

Teaching and educating comes with a great deal of responsibility, but it must be a peaceful responsibility without excessive fears or prejudices.

Children don’t need management during every single step they take and even less overprotection. Our children demand our attention, our love, and most of all, the sense of security that allows them to explore the world while becoming loved. We need to help them develop the confidence they need to move forward with courage and freedom.

Sooner or later, our children have the right to choose their own path, which does not necessarily have to be anything like what we have planned and dreamed for them.

And even if it is, there is a choice for them. While this particular star-eyed boy seems to be pleased with the excellent job description his family has received, he still doesn’t have to do it in the same way as the others before him. Because only his intellect and curiosity will tell him what he should do when those “great big things” fall from the sky…

Enjoy this short film, and don’t forget to listen to Michael Giachinto’s excellent band at the same time . This music will leave you speechless and fill your eyes with emotions.

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