The Most Fragile People Seem To Be The Strongest

The most fragile people seem to be the strongest

The most fragile people seem to be the strongest. People who wear thick protective armor and choose to face the world with a brave face often hide a glass heart, a deep  sorrow  that they have not been able to resolve satisfactorily.

Secretly fragile people are usually also quite sensitive. A small gesture of gratitude or kindness can fill them with happiness. But still equally  slightest mistake or disappointment can lead to hopelessness them to infinity. This hypersensitivity often causes clashes between them and the world around them.

We know all the people who seem to be able to bear any burden of life falling on their shoulders, but don’t let this deceive you, as their mask of strength is false.  They’re wearing armor, but if you touch it, you’ll notice the tears they’re crying have made it rust. 

Every fragile person hides his or her own sensitivity in one way or another. While they are wise, they also have a great need to gain more self-confidence.  Their skin is really thin and they react immediately to any change, insult or misunderstanding that can sometimes feel threatening to them.

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Fragility and mental vulnerability

Let’s start by defining what mental fragility means.  It has nothing to do with weakness.  Above all, mental fragility means seeing and understanding reality from a more intimate perspective, straight from the heart. But it also brings with it a mental vulnerability.

To protect their own fragility inward, on an emotional level, fragile people build various shelters against the world.  Some bring out a strong and energetic nature to set boundaries. At times, it seems as if they are waging war against the world. But it is important to keep in mind that people who are always on the alert end up consuming themselves by constantly using such an enormous amount of psychological and spiritual energy.

Because living life in a constant state of self-defense creates only and only more  suffering.

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When a person with a fragile heart has suffered a lot of harm, he becomes distrustful. He slowly begins to develop a sensitive nature and interprets all acts as  threatening. Insignificant conversations turn into battles. Certain tones start to sound offensive. As Leonardo da Vinci said, “where there is more sensitivity, there is also more martyrdom.”

However, anyone can channel this fragility in a creative, healthy, and effective way to reduce their own suffering.

Transforming your fragility into strength

You’ve always been like this and you feel like so far the only thing you’ve done is an attempt to survive. As a child, you created your own imaginary world because you didn’t like everything you saw. As a teenager,  you came to the conclusion that no one understands you and then you felt scared. And now in adulthood, you feel like no one loves you the way you deserve, and in addition to fear, you also feel anger.

You have always covered yourself with just new layers, completely disconnecting your own connection to the only thing that can provide you with what you need: your  self-esteem. Recognize that life is not a battlefield where you have to defend yourself constantly. Growing, maturing, and advancing requires reconnecting with yourself so you can stop seeing enemies where they don’t exist.  We explain in more detail below how you can do this.

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Learn to survive in a prickly world

People fight fragility almost instinctively. Self-perception is more sensitive to us as a threat, so we choose to build different firewalls. But this becomes a real problem at the latest when, after a nasty experience, you get angry and start constantly looking for someone to blame for your misfortune because you’re afraid you’ll get hurt again.

To avoid this event,  you need to be able to calm your own hypersensitivity.  If the whole world around you seems to be prickly, then thin skin and a sensitive heart will break even from the slightest touch.

Try to stay calm because sometimes you are your own worst enemy.  Allow your mind to find balance. Don’t focus too much on what other people are doing or saying to validate you, because only you have the power to validate yourself.

This exaggerated subjective view of everything that surrounds the thorny world ultimately leads to  obsessive thoughts. Keep in mind that  people react to what you make them feel.  If you’re always on the defensive and see threat images everywhere, then you’re going to push people further away from yourself. Don’t fall into this cruel vicious circle.

Sensitive people can find ways to express themselves through a variety of things, such as art  in its various forms, painting,  music, and other creative activities. In any case, find a way to channel your own sensitivity to lighten your burden.

Finally, keep in mind that sensitivity is an awesome virtue, but hypersensitivity can be a fault. If you’re a little more fragile and emotional than everyone else, then don’t interpret it as a curse. Fragility is not the same thing as weakness, but means perceiving everything around you more intensely than usual.  Take care of your self-esteem and use this gift to your advantage.

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