The Secret Of Eternal Youth

The secret of eternal youth

What is the secret of eternal youth ? Using creams night and day? Different jars and jars, fats and extracts full of secret ingredients? Becoming a vampire? Many would do anything to find out the secret of eternal youth , right?

It seems that the ancient indigenous tribes of the Amazon region actually managed to find the key to eternal youth. With it, these people lived to be over 100 years old and really managed to maintain a youthful look, vitality and glowing skin for a long time.

These tribes were aware of the importance of camu camu, scientifically called myrciaria dubia. Camu camu is the fruit of the shrub of the same name, and the shrub usually grows from three to five meters in height and occurs wild along rivers in the Amazon rainforest.

The plant is found to the greatest extent in the Peruvian Amazon along the Uyacali and Amazon rivers, but it also grows in Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela. The fruit ripens during the rainy season.

The small, fragrant flowers of the plant alone indicate that camu camu is a special plant. Its fruit is a real superfood as it contains more vitamin C and antioxidants than any other plant or fruit.

For example, camu camu contains 16 times the amount of vitamin C compared to orange flesh, and 60 times the amount compared to lemon. It is this vitamin that helps the body produce collagen, a protein that is especially important for skin health and keeps facial skin firm.

In addition to this, camu camu helps to reduce the negative effects of free radicals in our body.

Why are antioxidants important?

Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables protect our body’s cells and slow down the aging process.

As we age, the cells in our body also age. One consequence of this is loose, wrinkled or mottled skin.

However, it is possible to fight against time by maintaining a few healthy lifestyles. Among other things, our diet, stress levels, smoking, alcohol use, and the sun are factors that affect the health of our cells and can accelerate the natural aging process.

By eating camu camua, a small fruit that is cherry-colored on the outside but yellow on the inside and tastes slightly sour, the ancient indigenous tribes of the Amazon took care of the neutralization of free radicals. Free radicals cause cell oxidation, so by eating camu camua, the tribes in the Amazon region slowed the aging of the body by preventing cell degeneration.

Glowing faces, healthy gums, and significantly younger skin were hallmarks of the ancient tribes of the Amazon region that were directly related to eating camu camu.

The girl in nature

Camu camu benefits the body

This fruit has several benefits: it acts as an antioxidant and antidepressant, helps cleanse our body and fight stress, strengthens the immune system, revitalizes the nervous system, fights migraines, promotes heart health, helps absorb nutrients and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Thanks to camu camu, children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and the elderly can also take care of adequate vitamin C intake.

Consuming the fruit raw brings all the above benefits to our use, but due to its increased demand, the fruit is now more often found in processed form as vitamin C or multivitamin capsules.

The secret of eternal youth is near you

Whether we use camu camua or not, each of us can find eternal youth because youth is a state of mind.

Enjoying oneself, accepting oneself, valuing important things like health and loved ones, realizing life the way a child does, surprising and enjoying every minute of every day are ways to make our lives more positive.

Remember: happily less can be more.

Main image of the article: Elena Dijour

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