There Is Nothing More Beautiful Than Your Smile

There is nothing more beautiful than your smile

Every day is a reason to draw a smile on your face, every day is a reason to send your happiness to others, and every day is a reason to enjoy every moment of life with a smile. Remember when you were a kid and playing in the park? You never stopped smiling as you ran around playing with other kids. You may not do the same again, but you could try to do it again.

It is not necessary to feel happy to smile. The only thing you have to do is just do it. A smile can change you,  it can make you see things differently. As the edges of your mouth begin to rise, your eyes begin to see life in different colors.

The benefits of a smile

Smiling stimulates your mood. Whatever you communicate to others when you smile, you will also receive yourself positively. It will even help you feel better. It helps you connect with others, as well as improve your overall well-being. A smile makes you feel good. Smiling makes the body release endorphins and serotonin into the bloodstream. These neurotransmitters relieve pain and develop the immune system.

smiling in the sunshine

Smile to be happy

When anyone smiles, it affects him positively. There is back and forth communication between your body and your mind. In one sense, when something makes you feel happy, your brain sends a message to your body that you should smile.

In another sense, the body sends a message to the brain when a person smiles. You don’t necessarily have to have any obvious reason to smile, but your brain receives that information from the muscles of your face. Your brain understands that you are smiling, and that something made you happy. So to be consistent, your emotional state begins to change toward optimism and happiness.

Charles Darwin was the first to explain this phenomenon. He showed that if a feeling is imitated, it actually helps to feel that feeling. Therefore,  no matter how you feel, whether it is sadness, happiness, disappointing fatigue or anything else, you can start to smile and feel happy.

Smile to be forgiven

If you have done something wrong, apologize and do it with a smile. Making mistakes is human, and so is accepting mistakes and apologizing. When you apologize, you have to do it with a smile, but not a laugh; with a sincere smile. Many studies have been done that seem to make it easier to actually forgive a person who is smiling.

Smile to seduce

A smile is a powerful tool for seduction. When you smile you become closer to the opposite person, happier as well as more open. If you want to meet someone, let your smile be your secret weapon. Smile, and let your smile show who you are. We have to use our best smile when we want to get someone on our side.

the couple is having coffee and smiling

However, seduction is not put into practice just when it comes to romantic relationships. It can also be used in professional relationships. For example, you can use your smile in meetings to get the most out of negotiations, you can show empathy for others, and reach pleasant agreements.

Smile to bring out feelings

Have you ever noticed what happens when you smile at a child? Usually that smile will automatically come back to you. This also happens with adults, and even strangers against whom you walk down the street.

Smiles produce positive emotions in others. Smiling makes you happy, as well as others around you. This is because you are sending signals to others that you are a social and open person. Also, don’t forget that a smile is contagious.

The phenomenon of mutual smile is due to the effect of mirror cells. When two people smile at each other, there is a positive emotional change on both sides.

Instructions for smiling

Think of something beautiful, something you really like, something you really care about. Draw a picture in your mind, and really try to know what it is and what it means. Feel what feelings it brings to you. Notice how it affects you, and notice how little by little your lip movement is starting to get lighter. Let your mouth curve and your lips pull over your teeth. Let your eyes smile at the same time. Let that expression of happiness that is drawn on your face conquer you and become contagious.

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