Three Answers: The Story Of Difference

In this article, we tell the story of the difference. We tell of a couple who tried to find the answer to their problems by asking neighbors who had experienced different situations. The good thing is that, after all, they learn more than what they expected them to learn.
Three answers: a story of difference

This story of difference is an adaptation of the story of Leo Tolstoy.

Once upon a time, a city plagued by severe winters. Its cold weather and daily snowfall all made it tremble.

In that place, there was also a couple who had no children. They were really cold all the time and no matter how warm it was, they almost never got enough heat in their bodies to feel comfortable. Both were tired of this situation, but they didn’t know what to do about it.

One of their neighbors, on the other hand, had a huge house and a huge family. The neighbor never complained about the cold, but on the contrary enjoyed warm evenings during the winter. When the couple noticed this, they could help but wonder why their neighbors did not feel the cold the same way they did.

This story of difference tells how the neighbor responded to them kindly. Because it was cold, he had taken precautionary measures by reinforcing the walls and ceiling with a very warm type of wood. Maybe that would help them too.

Renovation of the house

The couple realized that their walls and roof were a very delicate act. Thus, they began to save until they could afford enough to fortify their house with beautiful, warm wood.

Summer came and they began to feel unbearable heat. The only way to find relief was to leave the house, as the inside was practically like an oven. They thought maybe this was the price they had to pay to keep the house warm during the winter.

However, this story tells us that when winter came, they still didn’t feel as warm as they had expected. Maybe they were no longer shaking in the same way as before, but they were still cold. Disappointed with the situation, they went to a neighbor’s house to ask for an answer to this.

The story of the difference is about a house that is cold.

Another answer

The couple told their neighbor about their situation. The neighbor thought for a moment and told them that maybe they needed a good fireplace. Maybe that way they could remove the wooden structures that strengthen the house and enjoy a cooler summer without having to suffer from the severe cold in the winter.

The husband saw the neighbor’s stove and made sure he remembered exactly what it looked like so they could buy a similar one. The stove was huge and fine and glowed with nice warmth. The neighbor’s response was perfectly reasonable. By buying a similar stove, a couple would surely solve their problem.

This story tells how once again a couple saved money for a long time. Eventually, they managed to get a stove as big as their neighbor had. So they removed the wooden structures and put them in a stack in the backyard. The following winter, for the first time, they did not feel cold because of all the logs they stored that they had to burn.


A story of difference

Time passed and summer came. The house felt fresh and comfortable, as they had planned. The couple was finally happy. Before winter came, they stored a lot of wood. They had to constantly fill the stove because of its huge size.

Then winter came, bringing another disappointment. The tree they stored lasted only a few weeks. The husband then took some logs from the walls and burned them in the fireplace. He repeated the process several times. This story of difference tells us that, of course, the more wood he removed, the colder they felt.

There came a moment when one of their walls was practically completely gone. And they continued by moving to the ceiling. The neighbor watching them was worried about the couple and went to talk to them. He said there was no point in destroying the house to heat the stove. And if they destroyed the roof, the stove wouldn’t be able to prevent them from freezing.

The couple felt disappointed. They had followed the neighbor’s instructions and failed to solve their problems. What would he advise them now? The neighbor then gave them a third answer. His house was big and had huge windows. That’s why the neighboring family didn’t feel the heat in the summer, and that’s why they also needed a big fireplace in the winter. And that’s what their difference was based on: the couple had borrowed solutions designed to solve other people’s problems.

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