Three Quick And Effective Exercises To Stop Worrying

Three quick and effective exercises to stop worrying

Fear and worry are two things that prevent us from achieving our destiny. That is, let’s not give these too much space in our minds or make small things big. Instead, we should clean up our perspective and give ourselves a more flexible way of thinking. Let us learn to practice our minds with exercises that make us stop worrying.

But worrying isn’t always easy to stop. So often we get stuck in a one-way worrying train with no windows. Therefore, we are unable to see the things that are happening around us, and we feel defenseless because we have no other way of thinking than the crushing anxiety that gives us.

And whatever people may think,  these painful cycles never end with simply boring but well-meaning clues:  “Stop worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. Relax. Stop for a moment and enjoy life. ”

When our minds fall into this exhausting dynamic and it doesn’t listen to logic, it does things automatically. It allows itself to go with an unconscious stream where our whole being plays with absurd and rhythmic inner music.

If we want to stop worrying, we need a new perspective. Our whole being, our senses, and our conscious mind must take part in this process. And next we will tell you how to do this.

stopping worrying: dandelion

Three exercises to stop worrying

Worry goes hand in hand with doubt. We all know that the modern world is defined by a  leitmotif . But there is another thing that people don’t talk about so much: we don’t always have complete control over our mental processes.

We notice anxiety or stress in our bodies, pain in our stomachs, headaches… But we don’t always notice how fast our minds are working properly. We never notice what path it is actually taking, we don’t notice the fears it anticipates, or the creepy things it brings with us without asking. Maintaining control and ending this negative cycle is our greatest responsibility. 

Our eyes in front of the camera

This exercise is simple, special and most of all effective. It may seem strange to ships, but it has its own logic and value. Let’s look at what it contains next.

  • When we feel overwhelmed by the power of our crushing thoughts, let’s do this:  take our phone in our hand, open the front camera as if we were taking a picture of ourselves, and look at the screen. Let’s focus on the eyes.
  • This is a significant way to become self-aware. Something happens inside us when we look ourselves in the eye. Something tells us to stop, slow down our overactive mind,  and focus on the present.
  • It helps us listen to our needs as we look into our own eyes and think about the person in front of us. Let us relax and let the world stop so we can receive this person we have so often neglected: ourselves.
woman's blue eye

Select a sound

The next great strategy is to choose a single voice. Here we need to stop and focus on one voice out of the many stimulating voices around us.

  • Let’s imagine we’re at work. There are different voices everywhere:  conversations, floor-scratching chairs, knocking, computer noises, cars constantly walking down the street, co-workers gossiping…
  • Now we have to choose one vote from this ocean of sounds. Maybe we have a tree in front of us with lots of birds singing. Let’s choose that voice, let’s focus on it, and let the other stimuli disappear for a few moments. Little by little, our minds calm down, for now it has only one task: to focus on the singing of birds.

A cup of hot cocoa

The following idea is quite original and not so common. If we want to stop worrying, we need to stimulate our senses. We all know that this tip doesn’t help that much. We all know that saying things like “I’m going to relax and think less” doesn’t help. Instead, the best thing we can do in these times is to take another route. Let us activate our sense of smell, our sense of taste, or any other physical senses.

cup of cocoa

This technique has a direct connection to conscious eating,  which in turn has a connection to consciousness skills. And if we don’t like hot cocoa, we can choose any other drink as long as it’s hot.

  • First, we need to let the smell and heat of our drinks rise and embrace us. Then we have to breathe deeply, calmly.
  • Then let’s have a drink, but we won’t get swallowed yet. Instead, let’s keep the drink in our mouths and let our tongues enjoy the flavor. Let’s let our taste buds fill with the taste of chocolate.
  • The moment we hold the mugs in our hands, nothing else matters. We value that moment and all the feelings we experience. 

What we get from these three simple exercises is this: we start to focus on our senses and our bodies start to relax. And this also makes our minds relax. But this is not about cheating on it; we just calm our minds so we can control it and prevent it from being overactive. For sometimes in order to control our minds we have to relax our bodies using all our five senses. 

Try these exercises today.

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