Time To Pass Faster As We Get Older

Time will pass faster as we get older

Praising time more and more quickly worries us more as we get older,  because it seems like everything around us is going to pass faster. Why doesn’t that happen when we are young? At the age of seven or ten, time feels eternal, but after the age of 20, it flies without stopping.

When I was young, the arrival of Christmas or my birthday felt like an eternity.

This is the psychological impact we all experience. Time does not pass faster, only our perception changes. Routine prevents us from enjoying each day to the fullest and our memories are pushing farther and farther back into an ever farther past. All of this affects our perception of how fast time passes.

Passing time is about perception

Time passes in the same way for every person but the perception of it is not always the same. In general, when we are over 20, we feel that time passes faster than before. That’s because we’re much more aware of it. At this age, it has become much more important. Isn’t it true that now you always know roughly what time it is?

However, there are people who know how to take advantage of every day and enjoy it in the same way as when they were younger. For them, the unwanted progress of time does not cause constant stress. So remember the importance of your own understanding: that is the key to all this. Can something be done to avoid feeling like time couldn’t be slowed down?

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Have you ever noticed that when you are bored and have nothing to do, time passes very slowly? On the other hand, when you’re immersed in a work routine full of appointments, responsibilities, projects, and presentations, it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day.

We get older and share the responsibility, but we lose time.

It all depends on what your responsibilities and routines need to do. When you break a routine and go on vacation, you are not as aware of  the time as you were when you were at work. With age, this affects your perception of time. The older you get, the faster time seems to pass.

Memory and time

In addition to your routine and workload, there is an additional factor that can explain why life goes faster before your eyes as you get older: memory. When you look back, the older you are, the less you will have memories of the most recent years. The younger you are, the more recent memories you have.

A few memorable memories bring with it this strange effect that makes us think that time moves at the speed of light. But have you ever noticed that looking back and counting down days hasn’t taken as much time as you thought?

Imagine you went through the difference a year ago. In your inner world, you may think that little time has passed, but as you calculate more closely, you will find that a year has passed! Your perception made you believe that less time has passed than in reality. It’s because you have only a few memories of that time, and many of them have been erased.

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This would explain why everything goes slower in childhood and adolescence. Your memories of the last hours are much more vivid and powerful. However, memory is limited, and as you get older, only the most meaningful memories remain. It makes them feel as if they are closer than they really are.

Thanksgiving is synonymous with wasting hours ahead of you as if nothing matters.

The first few years of school, college, a new job, all leave their mark on your life. You learn constantly, your first love stories evolve, you meet a lot of people, you experience, you travel. Changes happen one after the other and you are fully aware of them, unlike what has happened in your childhood.

No matter how fast or slow it wears out, the best thing you can do in time is to use it to your advantage. It’s important that you don’t feel like you’ve thrown it away. Rather, you need to understand that it is the best gift you can give to others because it is limited and in some way it belongs to you.


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