Time To Put Everything In Place

Time puts everything in place

We are free from what we have done in the past, but we are never free from its consequences. The movements, words, and deeds we make always have an impact, and even if we don’t always think so, time will judge us wisely. Even if the consequences don’t show right away, they still exist and eventually they show people what’s coming.

Recently widely acclaimed psychologist and researcher  Howard Gardner surprised the world by saying that bad people can never become great professionals. He mentions that only a person who focuses on himself can never achieve greatness anywhere. This reality tends to be reflected in the mirror in time.

It is important to remember that even the smallest acts, such as a derogatory tone or excessive sarcasm, can have serious consequences in the emotional and personal world of the  receiving party. The inability to take responsibility for one’s actions is a sign of a lack of maturity and sooner or later it always has consequences.

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Time is a wise judge

Here’s an example:  Imagine a parent raising their child with seriousness and a lack of love. We know that such parenting has consequences. The saddest thing is that often a parent imagines that they are raising a strong person for their child who will act in a certain way in their life. However, it is more likely that the child will then grow up in a state of unhappiness, fear, and low self-esteem.

In time, those children grow into adults and give their parents the judgment they deserve: they avoid or seek distance from them, and the parent may never understand why. Most often, people who cause harm to others don’t understand the responsibility of their actions because their emotional intimacy is flawed and they focus only on blaming (my kids are ungrateful, my kids don’t love me).

It is important to remember that every small or big deed has consequences and that you must take full responsibility for them. Responsibility is not just about taking the cause on one’s own shoulders; it also includes an understanding that you are obligated to respond to others. Human maturity starts from taking responsibility for every word, deed, and thought he says. In this way, we can make the world a better place for ourselves and others.

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Taking responsibility requires courage

Loneliness is just one consequence of bad choices. This is a good way to illustrate how we are all, after all, combined with a thin thread where even the slightest crack can cause a knot and break the entire thread with its ties.

Remember that we all have our own life experiences and that one way to make your life and the lives of others better is to take responsibility. We encourage you to be bold and practice responsibility with these simple exercises:

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How to take responsibility

Accountability starts with not isolating oneself from the rest of the world and stopping someone else from blaming everyone for what happened. The following instructions work for both children and adults. With these guidelines, you can teach your children that actions have consequences.

  • Think about what you think, do, say or don’t say. You create a language that looks like your own, influencing others and their emotions. You need to have the ability to sense what the other person is feeling and settle into his or her position.
  • Anticipate the consequences and be your own self-judge. By no means do you have to sink into “self-control,” where you become a executioner before you even have time to say or do anything. However, try to anticipate what effects a particular activity may have on other people and what effects it will have on you.
  • To be responsible you need to understand that you are not “immune” to anything. People who see no boundaries in what they do or their needs will face consequences sooner or later. This is well illustrated by the saying “my freedom begins when you run out”. However, you must support the freedom and growth of other people so that you can feed the cycle of common good. 

At least it’s worth a try.

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