Too Much Remembrance Means Living Less

Too much remembrance means living less

Living in our memories is limiting. In a way, not enjoying the present moment is like not using it to our advantage. Life is not about remembering, life is about acting. Life is not about going backwards, it is about going forward. Nor is life all about remembering the past and thinking about the future, as if the present did not exist.

Remembrance is an inherent part of life, and sometimes inevitable. In a way, memories are a way to hold on to what we love, who we are, and what we can’t lose. So we stick to what has touched us deeply.

Memories are deceptive because they are colored with the traps of the mind. The difference between false memories and genuine memories is the same as with gemstones: false ones are the ones that look most authentic. The wrong ones are the ones who shine the most.

Writer, screenwriter, and director Ray Loriga has said in his book ” Tokyo doesn’t Love Us Anymore ” something that scientists have warned us about: ” Memories are like the dumbest dog, we throw a stick at it, and it brings us what any old object. ”

Life would be impossible if we remembered everything

In an interview, someone asked Albert Einstein what he did when he got a new idea. For example, if he wrote his new idea on paper or in a notebook. Albert Einstein replied resolutely, ” When I get a new idea, I don’t forget it. ” And this is true. When someone rejoices us, it is almost impossible to forget.

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Thus, we remember what is really important and what makes us excited, as it activates those areas of the brain that store that memory. The problem is that the brain intensively stores what we should forget. Nothing preserves a memory as strongly as the desire to forget it.

Reverse psychology warns us that forgetting is necessary to store essential memories. After all, it’s possible that our memories aren’t so stupid and they can actually offer us something, instead of the stick we throw at it.

Memories are like a perfume that stays

Pleasure is like a flower that blooms when we live, act, or do. This allows us to build our memories on a daily basis, and this is the perfume that stays. The happiest memories are those moments that end just as they should end without dragging them with us.

For this reason, we do not remember the days, but we do remember the moments. Therefore, we should create new experiences over and over again. The happiness of life lies in the memories we create ourselves. Continuous operation is a bit tricky, especially if we’re stuck in our comfort zone. But we still have to do this to live intensively.

remembering does not take life forward

Despite the fact that we have a physical body and are able to perceive the world with all our senses, we are accustomed to living in our minds. But we have to make choices. We can spend our lives remembering what has happened in the past and how it makes us feel. Or we can control our experiences, and of course our emotions as well. We can only enjoy our existence if we do so.

The key to living more than remembering is in thinking, imagining, and expecting less from things. We have to accept what we have and nothing else. Living in an instant without letting our minds be trapped will distract us.

We are always ready for life, but we never really live. However, life should work just the opposite. Happiness is nowhere but in the present, here and now. Let’s remember this.

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