Travel When You Can!

Travel when you can!

You may think traveling is a way to escape life, give yourself time to break away from everyday life and reflect on things. In reality, however, the need to travel reflects our need to prevent life from escaping us .

This means that when we embark on a journey, our main motivator is to stop feeling like our own lives have stalled. Traveling is liberating and enriching. As someone once said,  traveling leaves us speechless at first, only to make us great storytellers later.

“Gathering” bus, boat, train, and plane tickets represents opening the door to things that are out of the ordinary, setting  aside your own  routine, and developing civilization, knowledge, customs, and perspective.

If something good happens to you, travel to celebrate it. If something bad happens to you, travel to forget about it. If nothing happens to you, travel to get something done…


Keep a travel diary

Unplanned travel is something that everyone should do at least once in their life. Go on a journey without any other intentions than to want to experience things change, think in motion, and reflect on your own reflection in the windows of moving trains.

Walking along the paths and crossing the seas, we can find something obvious that we didn’t notice before:  everyone’s opinion of other places is wrong. We are wrong in judging, in not moving and not seeing ourselves, in judging the bond we see with our own eyes.

Given that traveling is something we usually postpone until later, it’s a good idea to keep a travel diary. We can plan our itineraries and write down all the reasons that led to our desire to travel.

Once we embark on a journey, we will never forget the feelings or the level of emotional richness we receive as a reward. Because opening our eyes to the wonders  of the world involves enjoying its people, flora and fauna; enriching and enriching our own habits; and bleeding and strengthening our beliefs.

Travel goods

Traveling is the healthiest way to exercise mind and soul

Each new place produces a cosmos of sensations that we feel from the moment we hope and plan to embark on a journey.

Because when you go on a trip, you realize that the best things in life are not things. In addition, you become more aware of your own possibilities, you enlighten and open your mind, and you revive your own thoughts.

Traveling friendships

Travel is measured in friends, not kilometers

Among all the wonderful things that travel can offer us, one of the most fascinating opportunities is getting to know people, making  friends, and the feeling that we can easily create emotional connections with the people we meet along the way.

In addition, there is the option to travel completely alone so you can grow, listen to yourself, and experience fulfillment. In any case,  traveling is one way to love yourself, nurture a friendship with yourself, make your dreams a reality, and find all the answers you need.

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