What Comes When Singing Goes Whistling. Good Things To Look Forward To

As for singing, it goes whistling.  Good things to look forward to

Success is often said to be found in waiting for a reward. While this is true from time to time, good things almost always come to us unexpectedly without planning. We understand that our success does not always depend on happiness, but rather on our efforts.

Preparation is always important, and even more important is to seize the moments. However, our true virtue lives in anticipation of all the good we have earned through hard work.

We know that it is not always easy to trust that our dreams and aspirations will come true. However, we need to be clear that factors such as positivity and realism, combined with appropriate coping strategies, can already accomplish a great deal. We now invite you to consider the topic!

The art of waiting

We spend a lot of time waiting. We wait for our train to arrive and get frustrated when opportunities don’t knock on our door. The art of waiting holds a secret: we can create our reality while waiting.

In the 1960s, Walter Mischel conducted an interesting study at Stanford University in which he attempted to identify skills that are often associated with achieving goals and success.

The essential idea of ​​Mischel’s research was to isolate those skills so that they could be practiced and enhanced in childhood. To this end, he set up the following experiment:

  • He planted a group of 4-year-old children in front of a candy jar. Psychologists promised that if the children waited 20 minutes, the adult would bring them an even greater reward.
  • Only one in three children tolerated the wait, from which the following conclusion was reached : these students were more academically successful.
  • The success of the children included in the study was influenced by various factors such as the ability to achieve, frustration tolerance, emotional control, and motivation. In addition, a significant factor was the ability not to give in to “immediate hunger.” These are dimensions that we can also notice in the adult world.
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Good things require effort, dedication and passion

“What comes with singing goes with whistling.” You’ve probably heard that saying before. Sometimes we meet people who are only looking for momentary satisfaction. It is a very fragile, selfish and unhappy relationship that eventually ends up in hurt or hopelessness.

Good things require effort, courage and commitment. We should travel our paths, loving ourselves and being eager. All waiting ultimately leads to the achievement of our goal: happiness.

We should not despair, even if it takes time to wait for all that is good. Our daily struggles enrich new relationships and allow us to explore ourselves.

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So, if the waiting process is an opportunity to survive and achieve our goal, it is important to pay attention to the following factors:

  • The need to “establish” love for yourself. If you feel similar fragility in your relationships, remember that only a strong self-esteem can face the harsh individualism that occasionally surrounds us.
  • Don’t just “connect” to your reality, but “interact” with it. Don’t be passive, because your reality and opportunities happen at every moment. Don’t just merge to find timely and transient satisfaction. You need to commit and invest time, effort and hope.
  • The importance of freedom and security. You are free to choose the path you want to take. No one should decide for you, and you are not obligated to listen to the recognition of outsiders for your appreciation. Good things come if you move safely according to your own values, boundaries, and strengths.
  • Learn to accept uncertainty. We must tolerate frustration and resist immediate gratification. In addition, it is important to understand the uncertainty of the world. No one can predict tomorrow or the success of our projects.

It is best to anticipate without exaggeration. Accept that we have no absolute control over what is happening around us. Accepting uncertainty is not giving up, but looking at everything we could change in our actions to achieve what we want.

Don’t get tired of waiting. Good things require patience, enthusiasm, and a fighter attitude.

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