What To Do If You Are Dissatisfied With Your Job

What to do if you are dissatisfied with your job

Enjoying the work from which we make a living is not always easy. We can even say that mere dissatisfaction with work is a good reason to look for something new. But because the job market is complex, neither step feels easy either. All of this explains why work-related mental illnesses have become more common.

For example, research  in Economic Research reminds us of evidence that is both logical and understandable. Employee personal satisfaction improves the overall performance of the company. In other words, a happy employee whose skills and efforts are taken into account by managers will enhance the human capital of any company.

Many companies forget their employees and focus only on results. There are economic and productive communities based almost exclusively on vertical, rigid, and traditional leadership that is devoid of emotional intelligence. If an employee does not fit into this inflexibility, the new employee will quickly replace them, allowing employees to be recycled into an increasingly competitive system.

Such a workforce dynamics where management values ​​productivity far more than employee well-being and where staying in the market is more valuable than the ability to innovate causes work-related psychological disruptions. In fact, the biggest source of stress in our lives is precisely our work.

In addition,  studies published in The Scientific World Journal remind us that dissatisfaction with work affects our health and changes all our lifestyles (food, rest, leisure, etc.). What can we do when we face this general situation?

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When you are dissatisfied with your job

Dissatisfaction with work often also means being dissatisfied with life. Our work takes up much of our time. It also gives an image that should be appreciated. If we wake up every morning anxious because we have to leave for a job that causes pressure and poor motivation, rather than satisfaction, it creates an unhealthy and even dangerous psychological state.

Interestingly, in the United States, a survey was conducted in 2017 on employee personal satisfaction in many companies around the country. The results of the report were as striking as they were crushing:

  • 75% of employees are looking for a new job in order to leave the current one.
  • 77% reported that those who are most qualified and give the most to the company are ignored.
  • 44% indicated that the most qualified employees are never taken into account.
  • 55% thought they had a bad salary.

These data show what is happening in much of the labor market in many countries. Let’s see what might cause dissatisfaction in the workplace.

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Why are you dissatisfied with your job

  • Pay. Wages are today the biggest reason for job dissatisfaction.
  • Job insecurity.  Uncertainty about whether we will be able to keep our jobs is one of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety in the working population.
  • Type of profession. In addition to salary, the type of work undoubtedly causes us the most stress. It can be a lot below our level of education. We may feel that we are not valued. There may be too much routine at work. It can have complex shift shifts that affect our health and make social contact with other employees impossible.
  • Work environment. This aspect is crucial for satisfaction or dissatisfaction at work. Some work environments are full of pressure and competition, while others have toxic co-workers, abusive managers, etc.
  • Poor management. Managing an organization requires knowledge of how to lead. It means the ability to leverage people’s skills. Good leaders also encourage employees and know how to evolve and develop. They create productive and respectful environments. If this does not happen in the company, most employees may feel dissatisfied.

What can you do if you are dissatisfied with your job

If you are dissatisfied with your job, there are two options. You can either quit your job or adjust to a profession or job that doesn’t suit you for a salary.

Regardless of whether the first or second approach is chosen, there is always a third option to consider. There are various strategies that can improve your situation as much as possible:

  • Spend time with the people in your organization who give you positivity, friendship, motivation, and good energy. Avoid people who infect you with bad winds and negativity.
  • Find out if there are other vacancies.
  • If you have a toxic and abusive boss, manager, or someone else above you, you should always keep as much distance as possible. Degrading or following instructions that are against your values ​​is dangerous to your physical and mental integrity.
  • It’s important to know how to completely disengage when you leave work. Avoid taking pressure and worry home with you.
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Finally, consider certain alarm signs.  There are things that should make you think about leaving your job before it affects your health. If your efforts are not taken into account, you have a really bad salary, the work atmosphere is toxic and offensive, and you already feel that work affects all areas of your life, it is best to look for another job.

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