When The Matches Match, You’re On The Right Path

When the coincidences match, you are on the right path

Its only known when you are on the right path.  Coincidences begin to line up in your future and your heart will be filled with satisfaction. You will become enthusiastic because all your efforts will eventually produce the result you want. After all, when your mind focuses on what it wants, things don’t just happen by chance. They happen out of determination.

Everyone has experienced a similar feeling in which, almost without knowing how, small events begin to happen. They may be related. In any case, they seem to fit the plan.

In their 1989 study, mathematicians Persi Diaconis and Frederick Mosteller of the University of California explained that we should not pay much attention to coincidences. They argued that these are only a few cases with low credibility. The duo also claimed that they almost never help us predict things.

A mere coincidence?

However, since the late 1980s, people’s idea of ​​coincidence has changed a lot. Bernard Beitman, a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia, wrote a very interesting book called Connecting with coincidence , in which he said that sometimes these random events trace our own destiny.

18th century English astronomer Edmund Halley realized something. He concluded that reports from other astronomers reported the presence of certain comets in Earth’s orbit. Astronomers classified comets as “mere coincidences,” when in reality they were no coincidences at all.

Halley dared to predict that those comets would react to a lone comet that always appeared every 75 years. He was right. He himself found that the comet passed Earth according to his own calculations on Christmas Eve in 1758. Sometimes several central coincidences can give us a clue about something. We only recognize it with openness, certainty and determination.

sky and space

Determination, movement and coincidences

When you’re on your way somewhere, you have a predetermined destination. Studying for an exam, finding sources for a project, finding stability in a problematic relationship, or overcoming a personal problem… All of these things require very precise movements toward the same goal.

During the various stages of life, each of us is obligated to make an effort to trace that plan. We all want happiness and stability. It is part of our self-knowledge and personal growth. Thus, coincidences are aspects that we cannot and should not rule out at this stage in life.

Dr. Josh Tenenbaum is a scientist and cognitive psychologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He says that while these events sometimes lack logic and are just random events, coincidences are sometimes revealing as well as essential in our lives.

Coincidences, mind and personal growth

Dr. Tenenbaum says that coincidences are responsible for many of the conclusions in our minds. In fact, our brains are programmed to detect any exceptional and mundane stimuli. It tries to make them associations to understand that new thing and encourage new learning.

  • David Spiegelhalter, a statistician at the University of Cambridge, has spent years researching coincidences. According to the professor, we can only understand coincidences by proper statistical analysis.
  • With this method, we can grasp one perspective: the most striking coincidences of all are related to our social relationships. One example of this is “colliding” in different places with the person who is our future partner. Another example is when we meet someone who happens to be proposing a new project that we end up participating in because we have barely sought change.

On the other hand, another interesting aspect of Professor Spiegelhalter’s work is that there is little similarity between wanting something and assuming it will happen. Thus, only when we act and participate in different situations can we begin to create those coincidences. If we still sit still, nothing will happen.

cosmic world and coincidences

When you are traveling, you know it…

As we have been able to conclude, coincidences are the result of coincidences. They are also the result of our instincts that we create with our own personal and psychological layout. All of this encourages us to understand certain aspects that are worth considering.

  • When you’re on the right path, those events you create and random events come together and talk to each other. One example of this is scientists and scientists. In their daily analyzes and experiments, they use everyday, known facts that make them discover awesome discoveries.
  • You are also on the right path when your mind is open to everything that is happening around you. When you are aware of this and have a curious brain that seeks to learn and find stimuli, you will be able to see the real coincidences of life. These are the events that take us where we want to go.
  • Reciprocally, another aspect to consider is that there are times when negative coincidences occur in our lives. Two examples of this are when we fall ill on the very day we have a major event or when a technical disruption occurs during the presentation of our project. As annoying as these events may be, we should remember that they are still normal. We should assume and wait for negative things to happen in our daily lives.
  • The coincidence can be positive, negative or neutral. When all is said and done, the way we decide to deal with that event really matters. The way we do it, our reactions, our mental focus, and the way we behave after an event really determine our destiny.
walks the path


In summary, in the words of Albert Einstein, life itself is an incredible coincidence. Knowledge of how to live life in the best possible way requires strong willpower and receptivity. We should use this personal view. Don’t ignore all the opportunities that happen around you every day.

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