You Can Only Buy A Certain Amount Of Money, The Rest Must Be Achieved

With money you can only buy a certain amount, the rest must be achieved

In today’s society, it is easy to confuse materialistic things and money with happiness. The truth is that we are constantly told that we can achieve anything if we only have tangible assets. It’s like everything has a price and it would be possible to buy coins and banknotes.

Is he who has more wealth, however, really the richest? It may seem like that, but if we refer to spiritual wealth, its price is different. He who is able to enjoy the small joys of life and the company of people who fill him with joy and is able to enjoy the fruits of his hard work is truly the happiest person.

Materialism is momentary

It is true that material things ease our circumstances and sometimes give us even happy moments. However, it is only momentary luck. Physical wealth can free us from essential needs such as hunger or they can reduce our grief. In the long run, however, wealth will not increase our psychological well-being. 

For this reason, it  is advisable to keep in mind that we can become slaves to materialism. Setting a price for everything is a way to make our lives comfortable but it is also very dangerous. Seeing material possessions as an end in itself is clearly a sign of slavery.

People are not actually defined by what they own but rather by who they are. If we judge others solely on the basis of what they own, it gives us a false and generally bad picture of what someone can give us.

It is good to be aware of what really matters as well as its spiritual value. Let’s experience people and fall in love with the world. And as a result, the world in turn falls in love with us. In that way, we are attracted to long-lasting happiness and sincere joy.

 What really matters is priceless

What is the joy of having all the money in the world but not having anyone to share it with? Charles Dickens has already shown this to us in his book The  Song of Christmas .  Giving is much more gratifying than the obsessive craving for money that has no human significance for us. 

We could be very happy if instead of buying our dreams we struggled to achieve them. In addition, we will feel full and satisfied in the future as well. We feel good when we realize how far we are willing to go to achieve our dreams. 

The same thing happens to people, and not just in a romantic sense. For our parents, children, friendships, and potential lovers. They, too, will notice the inspiration provided by the appreciation of others. There is no better gift than your heart.

Happiness has not been bought, it has been achieved

Don’t hesitate to start pursuing all that you can never buy with money but that is still within your reach. We need to let go of the fear of stepping out of our comfort zone. We need to let go of the constraints and learn from the people around us. For the person with the most money is not necessarily the richest. The richest is he who works and lives for himself and others.

happy woman

Just waiting to be happy, of course, doesn’t make you happy. Every achievement requires courage, an abundance of love, courage, and some failures. Remember the saying that if you want to feel richer, you should add up everything you have that is not possible to buy with money.

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