You Know Me Well, But I Won’t Tell Who I Am Before The End

You know me well, but I don’t tell who I am before the end

You know me really well. I am here to support you, I only have one chance to get you back and I will only finally reveal my true identity. Answer me honestly –  when was the last time you raised your eyes to admire the stars? What magic is in the LED light on your phone compared to the light filtering out of the small holes in the sky, what can it offer?

I’m just trying to get close to you somehow. For you have some experience in life and know how to cope with the various intricacies of this scarecrow-filled society with your smartphone. I am writing to you, a person who has lost the ability to surprise himself, because deep down you know who I am.

I want you to listen to me carefully

Now that you believe you have the only truth in life, yours, and when a false sense of stability covers your eyes like sunglasses, now you can listen to me. But… Why would you want to listen to me? You have already traveled to the ends of the earth and back, and you can defend yourself in many different languages. But you will never know these languages ​​as well as you would like.

And maybe you’ve already read countless books like  Checkered  and The Conspiracy of Fools , not forgetting, of course,  A Hundred Years of Loneliness,  and watched a hundred of the best classic movies listed by some guy who reportedly had seen even more movies than you and whose opinions were so sophisticated that they might as well have been universal. Whoever I am to tell you anything, have you already been in love and completed your master’s degree and boldly jumped into the unknown.

the boy has a Teddy Bear Tel

Your spirit has been blocked countless times… Your feet have walked really fast in the scorching sand of endless beaches. You still have in store the shoes you wore when you visited the best music festivals in your country, where the going changed from white to black as the party was over. You have amassed some scars that you can proudly present to your friends, ones that testify to your confessed sins, or that could be helpful if you ever have to present evidence of your bravery.

And even in spite of this, I have the guts to write to you. I have the audacity to say things towards your face because you know me well because I am you. You understood quite rightly, wherever you hurt, so do I. All your scars are also my scars. I am like the person you were before, a burning child within you, trapped in tangled bones and flesh, but also in fear and illusions. I have been suppressed by rules created by a once-drunken ancestor.

I want you to get excited about things again

What I am trying to tell you is that I hope you will watch the star-filled sky at night. I wish things were just things and people were just as important to you as each of them deserves to be. I want you to get excited about little things again. I want you to jump in the puddles and be able to scare the buns, like when you were little in the park. I want you to not necessarily rain and allow yourself to get wet without fading.

who i am and what i enjoy

Live today, because tomorrow it may already be too late – make time for yourself. Share this time with people who deserve it, who make you feel warm, and who don’t have a bad impact on you. Because this is what life really is all about, sharing. Whether you spend your life alone or with other people, be honest about your own feelings anyway. Don’t disappoint yourself. Be consistent. 

I’ll let you continue your work now, but not until I’ve told you how much I love you. Who loves you more than I do? No one. Think about how long I have been with you. So I really want you to start with something simple that springs from love. This can even be a water-balloon battle, defying gravity on a skateboard, or spending a whim doing and thinking just and kicking the ball around… Give the child inside you a chance.

The world is full of people who have not reached the level of your requirements, but there are equally people who will never disappoint you…  And the former will never be a very apt example of the latter.

I dedicate this song to you – love yourself. This song by Hailee Steinfeild is sure to put a smile on your face.

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