Young At 90 Or Old At 18

Young at 90 or old at 18

In 2015, Harriette Thompson, 92, was the oldest woman to run a marathon in 2015. He ran the Rock’n Roll Marathon in San Diego in just over seven hours and twenty minutes. Harriet is a perfect example of how to be and feel young despite age, the passage of time , and the wrinkles left in life’s face and soul.

High age is usually associated with death, health problems, memory loss, loneliness, and a weakened body in general. But in order to age well, it is very important to get rid of negative thoughts and fully enjoy every stage of life. Fortunately, life expectancy has risen by more than twenty years in the last couple hundred years; At the beginning of the 19th century, life expectancy was in the vortex of 45-50 years of age.

In 2013, Cell magazine published a study  by Spanish researchers analyzing the keys to aging. One of the biggest findings in this study was that we need to understand and fight against aging, as well as fight cancer. It is the case that aging accumulates damage to DNA throughout life and this process causes cancer, diabetes, heart problems  and all sorts of other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Feeling young is an attitude

Youth depends on an attitude towards life. Aging is something we cannot avoid. The only thing we can do is reduce some of the effects it has on our bodies. Exercise, a healthy diet, favorable environmental conditions, and avoiding drug, tobacco, and excessive alcohol use are some of the factors that can slow aging.

But in addition,  if we maintain the attitude of the young person, we can enjoy the learning process that is also associated with aging. To make you feel young, we recommend the following:

Make your dreams come true

As we get older, we find that we have dreams  that we have not achieved because we have had a shortage of time or because we believed our dreams were impossible. But even if you’re outdated, that doesn’t mean you should pay attention to the saying “you’re already too old…”

Nor does it mean that we should behave like teenagers, but rather that we should not give up the things we want because we are older now: studying, traveling, playing sports, meeting new people, etc.  In most cases, our abilities are much broader. , than what we think. 

Aging and having fun

Update yourself

Fashion, technology, and society in general are constantly changing, so it’s great to adapt to change and learn new things to stay young and maintain an active mind that is constantly on the move.

Protect your time and place

As we get older, we tend to focus more on others than on ourselves. It is important to find a space  where we can do what we want, take care of ourselves, and respect the time we dedicate to these activities. It is important to find a balance between the time we dedicate to others and the time we spend on ourselves.

Smile and laugh whenever you can

Laughing is something that makes you feel much younger. Laughing at yourself, for those fun events that happened during the day,  looking at everyday things with humor. You can also take part in laughter therapy where you will have fun and in addition meet new people.

Old age at the age of 18 years

There are also people who have lived in really difficult conditions or just feel old when they are actually still very young. People who don’t adapt to life changes, who stay locked in their homes, who don’t socialize with anyone, people who are old without being old. But who creates such conditions?

Sad woman

People who feel old have usually abandoned their dreams. Either because of the situations or choices that life brings, but they don’t see a long way to go anyway. When a person no longer has dreams and stops pursuing them, it causes aging. So we must enjoy the present moment.

In addition, these people also tend to have low self-esteem, they don’t love themselves, they don’t value themselves and this makes them shut themselves in to their own thoughts and they don’t come out because they are afraid. Strengthening self-esteem  eventually promotes openness and the person begins to interact with their environment and others. This does not depend on whether there are wrinkles or not, but on a smile on life.

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