Your Freedom Ends Where Mine Starts

Your freedom ends where my own begins

Freedom is the most precious treasure a person has. It is our duty to respect it, enjoy it, and prevent anyone else from stealing it from us. We all have a right to it and to take care of it. So how dare you even imagine that you would have the right to take even a small piece of another person’s freedom?

If you enjoy your own freedom, you can never do it at the expense of another person’s freedom. Think about this really. Every time you take something that is not yours, your dignity gets hit.

Man releases the birds

The gift of freedom

The gift of freedom is a wonderful thing with which everyone is born on this planet.

However , the fact that so many are abusing freedom has led to us having laws to protect it. Despite this, the same people who vowed to defend these laws often violate them themselves.

We should never confuse the gift of freedom with libertinism. A person who feels he is “free” has no right to house other people in the name of that freedom.

For this reason, the gift of freedom that everyone receives at birth should not be seen as a trivial matter.

Respect must always come before everything else so that we can all live together and say we are free. Thus, freedom should not be seen as a lack of respect for other people.

“I hurt you because I’m free to do what I want.” How often have you heard this phrase? Millions of people have used it to do the things they want without realizing that in reality, what they are doing has nothing to do with their own freedom, but rather it is about stealing the freedom of the person they are hurting.

Freedom of thought

In reality, we live in a world full of laws, and thus there is very little room left for real human freedom.

We must respect other people, and try to protect vulnerable individuals from those who try to house their rights by trying to prevent this kind of activity.

However, freedom is not just about the freedom to move from one place to another. There are so many more things involved that are found deep in the soul and heart. We should simply learn to look within to find our freedom.

Fortunately, many of us have the freedom to think, love, dream, feel and create… Even though we live in a society that often makes us feel misunderstood, we can do a lot in our own world.

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Only when we focus on ourselves and do exercises to find ourselves will we find true freedom in all its meanings.

Inside you, your truth, and your authenticity are found in the strongest form of the word of freedom.

Misuse of the word “freedom”

Today, the word “freedom” is used in the most arbitrary way: “Freedom of choice”, “freedom of action”, “fight for your freedom”…

In reality, such things often undermine our freedom, as we are given many different ways of thinking or belonging to something, but these are not our own thoughts, such as political parties and voting in elections.

True freedom can be found within us. It is reflected in our authenticity and commitment to be exactly who we really are. It doesn’t matter what country you come from or what your ID says, because the structures formed by the law must not limit your true way of being yourself. They are constraints.

So always remember that your freedom ends where mine begins. You can be yourself and enjoy your own life, but you must never tell me how I should be, what group I should belong to, or how I should think.

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